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Okun showed up on the bank. There's injury list today. Kun was held out with a groin injury. Fellow starters Kay want short and Dennis Daily also remained sidelined with foot and ankle injuries. Panthers play at the Chargers on Sunday. No kun this hopefully he'll be able to face his former teammate, particularly star defensive ends Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. I mean football doesn't get any better than that. You know, you get your clan against two of the best people in the game, and I think everybody should be excited to play these guys. There's just that good. You know, it's an incredible challenge, something that I'm looking forward to. Uh, uh. Sunday. Rookie defensive and need a gross mottos was back at practice today for the Panthers. After clearing the concussion protocol. Tonight's matchup has the Jaguar is hosting the windless Dolphins. Jack Carter Sieber deejay chart has been ruled out back and chest injuries. Chiefs could be without receiver Sammy Walking for their Monday night game against the Ravens. He's in the concussion protocol, the Denver Nuggets of looking to even their serious with the Lakers. Tonight is Game four of the Western Conference finals. The Lakers lead it two games to one Tiger Woods has committed to play in the Zozo championship in October. The events been moved from Japan to California because of covert 19 concerns. What is the defending champ? I'm Sharon Thor's line. Wgt Sports J..

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