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It's an election lawyer concerted back to this formerly employed by the USDA O J under the George W Bush administration. Please welcome j Christian Adams to the program Christian. How are you Joe conscious wheel New York, Joanne Lees some doing good? So I'm sure you've been watching like the country has what's been going on in Washington. The last two days, obviously, attorney general bar goes before the Senate Judiciary committee on Wednesday. Obviously that was explosive very tense went on for about eight hours afterwards bar said, he was not going to appear before the House Judiciary committee. Citing that staffers shouldn't be able to ask him questions where you have a Jerry Nadler, for instance, who last check isn't attorney, and there are many attorneys on that judiciary committee that are very capable of doing that. And plus maybe he just saw this thing for what it was which was the circus that it was becoming for political gain. So what do you see here? How do you unpack it? And where do we go from here? Well, don't forget the attorney general of the United States has pretty wide discretion in deciding what sort of reports come out of the Justice department. He is not an independent elected branch of government. And so for some of the more outlandish conclusions that may have been in that report, the attorney general obligations to review it. What do I see? I mean, look, I've testified the House Judiciary committee. I did so couple months ago, and the last thing you want to get to the bottom of anything to have some of these staffers who who line the back wall during hearings driving the show Jerrold Nadler, at least has some measure of of shall we say decorum. But when it comes to the staffers, you're dealing with some of the most partisan rabid people in the entire city of Washington DC, sorry to what exactly was the problem for allowing staffers that are staffed work. For the congressmen and women to allow them to ask some questions. I believe they were going to be limited to thirty minutes asking questions of attorney general bar. It's lawyer upon lawyer follow-up cross examination questions that would then inform their bosses Nadler in the other the other congressmen and women on the sit on the committee members of the committee for starters. And when you have a hearing of of that nature. That's why you elect people to congress to conduct the hearing. It's just it's very rare that staffers are the ones driving hearings. I mean, sometimes it happens behind closed doors, and there's a deposition like the house oversight committee engaged in the previous congress were staffers would play a role there. But these are public hearings and their public hearings of the members of the committee, not the employees of congress who who who might ask some really good questions. It's supposed to be hearing of congress, not hearing of Congress's employees. Christian. The committee though, voted twenty one to fourteen to allow staff cans council to ask these questions. And that is a legislative prerogative to be able to say this is how we're going to run our committee. That's the legislative branch able to do what they kind of want to do and run the way they want to run it. So now is the attorney general sort of allowed to come in and say, well, we're just not going to abide by legislative rules. Well, I mean, I remember Senator Strom Thurmond his staff used to write his questions on index cards. And if you wanna see something real fun, go back and watch those hearings where rebe index card and ask the question. I mean in the end staffers have the ability to get their questions asked. I don't understand. Why would be such a controversy to actually have the members of congress conducting a congressional hearing actually ask the question. And we're talking with Christian Adams, former US department of Justice lawyer under George W Bush a Christian. That's the thing. Right. I mean, if Bill bar volunteers to appear before this committee, and the already appeared before the Senate when people say he's scared and somebody actually puts a chicken where he was supposed to be sitting or, you know, obviously, a dollar one Kentucky Fried Chicken that just shows the children that we have as our lawmakers in some regards. But when you've all tear doesn't that mean negotiation in other words, okay? Yeah. All appear, but it's not going to be completely. And totally by the rules that you said and from what I've seen for two hundred and six years staffers. Don't ask questions in open House Judiciary committee's. It's never happened before. So there is Preston here. Correct. Well, I mean, look you had you had Watergate council in the in the seventies. Asking questions open hearings, though televised. There were there were that was the Senate though. Correct. Well, I think it might have been in. We'll definitely is in front of the Senator from North Carolina. Right. The house. I think it's unprecedented. But but regardless I see your point as far as context Senate Halley. You're exactly right. If you're if you're appearing voluntarily you I appear voluntarily in front of congress about once or twice a year. And you know, I can say no, I'm not going to say, no, I'm not going to answer questions. If you wanna find another witness, go ahead. But if you if you if you don't like it the national subpoena. I mean, that's the alternative. That's how the system is supposed to work is congress has subpoena power, and let them subpoena, the attorney general do you do you think that he will appear eventually Christian? Why do I mean this is not going to be some sort of situation where the attorney Joel never shows up. I mean, look mad ignored the house roles. He didn't one regular water. He didn't want debates on amendments. It was going to be my way or the highway and general bar said, no we're going to play by standard operating procedure. If you want me to testify voluntarily and we're speaking with j Christian Adams Christian, I'm curious. Do you think that Democrats there's a pull out yesterday saying that seventy percent of democratic voters favor impeaching the president, regardless of dough collusion being found between president President Trump's associates and Russia is this something that you think the Democrats just because of that pressure from the left flank of their party will pursue or will cooler. Heads prevail. Will never prevail on this issue, the left flank of the democrat party is in in in fold arrangements. It it is not possible to bottle it back in. And that's why you have these outlandish positions being taken strangely from a lot of congress members of congress from New York City for some reason, and you're just going to have this this intensification of polarization because you know, it was rabbit as they are in their hatred of the president anything he touches the president's supporters are equally rabbit, and they're supportive him. And so it's a precarious situation where the country grows even more polarized. And frankly, it looks like people are happy to to increase the levels of polarization by forcing issues like this in most. I look I I've gone on the networks any number of times. Frankly, the issues is seem so played out. I mean, it seems to me to be done issue, but not to Jerrold Nadler, not and not to his base. So I think we're gonna hear. A lot more of it. It seems like the president makes it more of an issue by saying he's not gonna let his former White House counsel Mcgann testify, you know, that he's that mccan. He's denying statements that he made Mcgann Mcgann said that he made it seems like he's the one that's dragging it on if they're if the investigation would just begun. We done fairly quickly. It would seem to me. I'd hardly consider a client of an attorney asserting his privilege. Not have that attorney testify about things he said dragging it on when when it's Mcgann who's being dragged in front of people to testify the person dragging it on as the person who wants to break, the attorney client privilege between the president is lawyers. So Don Mcgann, it can't testify about things that his client said did testify or did speak to Muller's team thirty hours. Executive privilege on that. On those matters. He's already waived executive privilege roll, the president can assert executive privilege any moment. He doesn't wave it and can't wave at permanently that he's already waived executive privilege on those matters, not on everything. But on those matters he had and we'll have to leave it there. Jay Krishna election. Lawyer conservative activists DOJ under George W Bush. Thanks so much for joining us Christian, very good. And we come back lease more on the hottest story of the day. Or in this case coldest carbel eighty five cent ice cream cones, why eighty five cents we tell you next on seven ten w o r seventy seven percent of rural counties lack sufficient primary healthcare. Blue Cross Blue shield is working to.

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