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I don't know that you are i. Think the raiders of those four teams that russell wilson listed or the most plausible and logical off that list. But even that is complicated. So if there's a team out there that could put together a trade for russell wilson to me again. The jets to the dolphins three. They are the ones that would make the most sense. But russell wilson has a no trade clause in. His contract didn't list those teams and could veto a trade to anywhere. He's dealt without his prior consent again. Think about this though. We've got the russell wilson situation. We've got the unsettled to shawn watson situation with no end in sight. Who knows if the aaron rodgers situation will come percolating up again there. Any number of quarterback free agents and so as we take a look at the free agent class the list of great players who are out there and there are an awful lot. You take a look at chris godwin allen robinson trent williams. Kenny golladay will fuller letter williams. Justin simmons labonte david brandon. Scherf giovanni marcus williams judean clown wanna guys wanna players. They're all really interesting compelling but there's nothing as compelling as the quarterbacks always ever that's always the case but we will see how the free agent board false and we'll be tracking the quarterbacks and what are the free agents who fell. This week was none other than jj watt. But before we get to. Jj watt want to quickly tell you about espn's news podcast. I take her take hosted by charlie or note a mckay. And kimberly a martin. These three ladies discussed their lives in culture while also diving into some of the biggest stories in sports download and subscribe to. I take our take as well as the adam. Schefter podcast on apple spotify. or wherever. You get your podcasts. And now this week's guest the newest arizona cardinals defensive end the great. Jj watt hello there. Jj how you doing. I'm doing well yourself. I was the last twenty four hours gone for you. it's been great man. It's been very exciting very a lot of energy very excited about it why arizona. Jj Every every all signs point of there. I mean i. There's a ton of exciting young talent here in this league. You need a quarterback to have a chance. They've got a very young talented quarterback Who can continue to take the next step Defense i'm very familiar with vance. Joseph was with me down in houston with wade phillips early in my career and runs a very similar style to that defense. You got guys like china. Jones and buddha baker who Are very exciting. Pieces of and there's many other young pieces on the defense and I think it's just a team ready to grow and take that next step. You look the last three years. They've continued to increase win. Totals every year and are on that trajectory. And i'm looking to to help fast track that trajectory and what about the quarterback. Yeah where do you think of him. I think he's a great player with a ton of talent. I think he's extremely Fast and quick. I was talking to my brother in game. He played against him last year. These like that guy is extremely fast and he can throw he can do everything. Obviously in cliffs offense They've got all dialed up and he's very comfortable in that..

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