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That are racing hard right now, Ricky Stenhouse junior and Eric Jones down turn one Ricky Stenhouse junior for quite a while was on the back of Kyle Busch. But he lost. Recently. On. Jones now trying to make a move. Three of four as he works. The very bottom of the racetrack. Doing a good job this afternoon in that race card now, we're watching Michael McDowell make a pitstop let's go to Wendy venture any strategy and Paul Menard with coutry, Greg Erwin. Decided to take two right side tires. He had momentum on the exit especially on the top side. But he was running that two tires for him. Also right now Daniel. Forty one. Billy Scott wants to give him more entry speed. He's been a little bit too tight. So far. Tires for Daniel Schorr, and that will put the running order back in line now with Kevin Harvick going back to the point here after everybody cycled through and finally made all their pick stops. So now, we have a true grasp on the running order will be Kevin Harvick with about a five. Second lead. Over second-placed. Kyle Busch that green flag pitstops, certainly broke up the pack. But we again is Brad Kelly mentioned some of these cars making their stop so late here towards the end of states number one. They may stay out take the wave around to try to gain some track position here. When we go back to racing in stage. Number two, we'll have to see how this all plays out. And of course, it depends on whether they're one lap down or two left down as well. Michael McDowell gets popped with a penalty for crew members over the wall too soon in Brampton Bill, can you explain something you're down at the end the pit road. But you can't see the other end of pit road or pit entry. Can you know, you can't when they redid the tracker law? Vegas and redid the infield. They move pit road closer to the track itself. So would they did that has a big bend in it for one and the other by independent road standing Kevin harvick's pit back is the last bit haired pit road. I can see six or seven pitches calls down for driver cutting to the independent wrote. He really get see his signboard until it gets about seven maybe eight solving that challenge the drivers have here because they don't have a lot of other tax circuit. Michael McDowell serving his pass through penalty. Let's go down to Wendy Venturini. Also coming down pit road with David Ragan. Just one left. He was tight on exit the rear with sliding in his race. He did want to free up some he knows. He was worse in traffic. They decided to take four tires while many the counterpart time we're kicking tires for strategy. So right now, Ricky Stenhouse junior running in the third spot..

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