Anwar Ibrahim, Indonesia, President Trump discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily - Friday 14 July


But it i mean the irony that he his is now teaming up with anwar ibrahim in his career he destroyed is is is well i guess it says something about the desperation of malaysian opposition politics indeed moving along the tempo this is an interesting story which has gone weirdly under the radar a discussion all the one of the world's biggest countries possibly relocating its capital year so this is a story that spin it comes and goes every now and then in indonesia but it seems to be a little bit serious at the moment said jakobi the president of indonesia said there's an assessment of sri province has but you went say which ones harm to see if one of them would be suitable for moving the the the the state capital that's adversely a not inconsiderable enterprise what what's the argument in favour over i think one of the arguments is that um java which if i'm going to remember correctly is eight percent of the land massive indonesia it sixty percent of the population and so indonesia's so dominated by java and dominated by jakarta is this i won i guess the traffic can almost the impossibility of life in jakarta being so overcrowded and so dominant in the indonesian economy is this idea of the if they can move things out to somewhere little bit less populated arm it could even out the development beyond java on now what they're talking about here the three provinces although they haven't officially been named that debt central kalimantan east kalimantan in south kenema anton so the these rolling on the indonesian island of borneo which sort of geographically you could say a solving the middle of indonesia you know you've got so much from one side and then you've got jaabarin bone is just above it and then you've got sulawesi in com pat poor to the right of it so it sort of in the middle east really quite unpopulated harm.

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