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Josh sees Dimitrius Stanley. And Todd thanks for waiting. You're on six ten WTVN. What's up brother, rank you? I've got statistic just before the break we were sharing or opinion of suburban schools inner city school violence drugs discipline. I have got a factual statistic to back. Our opinions of this is going to blow your mind. In nineteen ninety six suburb of Conyers towards very affluent suburb. These parents and their children were estranged parents will working dual incomes. They too tired. They didn't have time for their kids. And you may remember this in nineteen ninety six Conyers Georgia had the largest syphilis outbreak of of all of any metropolitan statistical area. Let me go wrong to conclude faultline did an expose on this interviewed over two hundred teenagers that said they don't even know their parents, there's group sex, binge drinking, drugs and violence. The parents go on to say that they have to confess they don't even know how to or they're just too busy to entire to discipline monitor talk to their children. About these. And so you've got twelve and thirteen year olds and others with the largest sympathize outbreak in America's history, absolutely crazy. And Todd thank you for for letting us in on that. But you know, it does drive home the point, I guess, traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens of TempStar heating and cooling products. Johnny hill east is still slow through downtown Mark due to the accident scene. Just before the east side splits very cautious of this one stay out of that land. Especially can otherwise all lanes are still open to seventy eastbound with an accident off to the right before seventy one up in Worthington. The delays begin three fifteen trip down seventy one also heavy from Polaris, especially if you're trying to get onto to seventy east and west accident still blocking lane cemetery road eastbound at the outer belts. Now, the one working on refugee in Winchester pike traffic, sponsored by triple eight. You have to get into car accident for your insurance to matter. What if you could get help with more and more often you can when you're a member and your insurance AAA visit AAA dot com slash more than insurance traffic. Weather every ten minutes on.

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