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Teddy gets hammered with this woman mary jo tries to convince her to to come back into politics she left after bobby's death it really crushed her he's getting set to challenge nixon for the presidency in nineteen seventy two doc because he wants to because his daddy demands that he asked too he's a kennedy it's expected in the democratic party is open doors for another kennedy coronation all of the party is unified including the people that were burning down there sixty eight convention in chicago even the new marxists won't challenge a kennedy so this is their unifying figure events of exactly would happen were they in a relationship did they have sex these are all debated points of a fact and so they're left out in the film here's what we do know kennedy is drunk he's not used to driving the streets of chappaquiddick island he turns the wrong way trying to get back on the ferry to go back across the island to where the cottage and the rest of their group is at he turns the wrong way can't see straight and goes over a bridge now i want you to understand when you think of going over a bridge you're thinking goodbye cruel world you know what i'm saying it's george bailey and it's a wonderful life plunging to his death this is a a wooden bridge over a creek okay it's not even a river guys it's a creek so when he goes through the barricade and the car flips over you see half the car above ground because it's not a raging river it's not a lake it's a creek it's glorified creek.

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