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First with the Blackhawks had one last game before their bye week and all star break the Florida Panthers snapped the hawks five game winning streak here at the United center but since they returned to action it's going to five into coinciding with the slip in their overall performance the drop in the wild card standings after missed opportunities against the teams they were trying to chase down they face another one of those Western Conference clubs in front of them tonight before barking out a nother difficult four game road trip good evening everyone and welcome to the Chicago Blackhawks pregame show leading up tonight's contest between the Blackhawks and the Nashville predators John Weidman Troy Murray standing by to greet the call at the bottom of the hour as we broadcast live from the Wintrust Blackhawks broadcast good back to Wednesday night first period okay second period pretty good third period about as bad as it gets as the Rangers score five times to offset a goal and assist in that period from Drake Caggiula for goodness I'm strong enough on plays on the really kill any place in our D. zone in on a whole lot of our energy spent defending in Arizona there were some little play offense or not is energized so we did a better job altogether but especially owns only gonna be harder to play against and then that's a good way to conserve some energy to spend less time energies on his mental mistakes there's an English physical mistakes most times we can box out physically and that's that doesn't take much of a mental grind but there's also times where you got to know think the game to make plays and and get the **** out of his own but that's something that we're struggling with right now we're gonna find a way to just be better nonton altogether and it was.

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