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T. about a little bit later on we are going to talk about those range cameras people are hacking into them and doing all sorts of creeping things talking the little girls watching your wife for your daughter it will yeah I anything will get all that stuff that's going to come up with but later on this hour and then after the news eight we'll get to the impeachment stuff they're going to re convene at about eight o'clock our time ten o'clock east coast time I and I imagine you know after all the pomp and circumstance and all the nonsense they have to go through in order just to start a hearing but they'll probably by a about who knows nine o'clock ten o'clock our time maybe if they can get to it they'll vote on it and it'll go to the rules thing and then it goes to the full house and probably by the end of one prod by next week we will have a an impeached president yeah a good for us all politics anyway we'll get in that coming up right now we're talking about to well a couple of situations I'm in this sort of stuff happens constantly now again and again and again teachers being dumb it bothers me he you know the assignment that they taught it is insulting but that bothers me less than the fact that we have teachers educating our children who think this sort of thing is okay in Missouri the a teacher an elementary school teacher fifth grade teacher blades elementary school St Louis was placed on administrative leave because parents complain about culturally insensitive classroom assignment asked basically to set a price for a slave they were able to learn about slavery I guess and as a sign that they had to do was to set a price for a slave and this is the first time that's happened we seen black children auctioned off to white children at schools in order to illustrate the horrors of slavery just tell them you don't need to illustrate tell teach your fax stop trying to be too clever and anytime anytime this kind of stuff comes up this is the reaction we get and it distracts from the education of the student and it shouldn't exist and if you're too dumb to do that then you shouldn't get to realize that then you shouldn't be educating children in the North Carolina there was a homework assignment because of the three fifths compromise black would be back in the olden days black person was three fifths of a white person they had a question about how many slaves would be needed to equal at least for white people why honestly why I learned the three fifths compromise they told it to me and then I knew it why would you need to do a math problem in a history class to determine how many black people it would take the equal for white people white why is that necessary it's more that's three fifths just you don't you don't need these stupid kind of assignments and this person is in trouble and now this the kids are distracted and now the teachers are out of the classroom and now the educational flow is disrupted all because of a bunch of idiots and I want to know if you think this is offensive eight zero fifty six seventy eight that's eight eight zero KNSD let's go check on line one eight check your okay an S. T. A. M. seven ninety with Casey how you doing good morning Sir so what what's offensive is the fact that they do this to try to say that our founding fathers were racist when Mister president I mean you can you can they needed they needed all thirteen colonies to be on board to go against the British and become a nation and they were never going to abolish slavery good lord immediately so okay okay your your V. okay okay you're one of those guys who think you're smarter than the room the fact is that right but they don't want to bring on the actual reason it was just it's just really make argue the merits of everything what was going on that three hundred years ago but to a two hundred fifty years ago whatever it was I mean you know the reality is that right now it's not offensive because of historica a minute historical fact that Chuck wanted to share with the world it's offensive because of twenty nineteen we don't sell black people that's why I have and as a parent it's annoying because right now you know these kids are getting educated if my child is in that classroom and they're not getting educated because a moron teacher decided to try to watch illustrate something a foolish way than that this is me off because my chain is supposed to be getting an education and now we can't now we have to sit back and stop and talk about this stupidity this epic stupidity and we see it time and time again I don't know what we need to do you know the real problem here is that there's a shortage of teachers nationwide mostly in districts that don't pay very well I imagine that's in Missouri in North Carolina they probably don't play pay very well depending on where they are but not so we can't exactly turn around if somebody passes their classes and gets their degree and can enter into a classroom and be a warm body in there that seems to be the a litmus test allow somebody to be a teacher right now your breathing good your and your your breathing and you have a bachelor's degree come on it we've got a shortage of teachers come on in and the problem is these things keep happening over and over and over again it's not that they happen once it's not that our teacher made us stupid decision which is they'll say culturally insensitive also a racist and gets caught because they always do the problem is now these kids are dealing with a problem with with the substitute teacher they're dealing with press coverage they're dealing with you know what hello all over the place asking questions when instead they should be focusing on getting an education and they're not and the problem is that it happens over and over and over and over again and I'm tired of hiring morons as teachers and if a teacher thinks that this kind of an assignment is good then that teacher is a moron and should not be allowed to teach anymore because I'm tired of things taking away from the educational process on every level and this is one of those levels.

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