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Today's guest is two thousand eighteen Arkham Sheldon creed children is running final four races of the truck series this season with GM's racing kind of still making that move some off road to payment and going in circles. So I wanted to catch up with jeld. I appreciate GM s offering him. And I'm really really glad I did it. I have to admit Sheldon is not somebody that I know berry. Well, of course, I've heard of him since he's been running Arca. He's run a few Canaan races. He's made and -tunities star. Of course. Now some truck starts, but I really didn't know Sheldon's fullback around, and I left this interview really really excited because it was more than I thought it was gonna be Sheldon was a great mood was very talkative. I really learned a lot about just how extensive was back rounded EMMY, listen on it is. He's been in stadium super trucks. He's competed against Robby, Gordon. He's won a gold medal at the X games. He's competed in auto racing. He he he's just he's kind of done it. All of course, he started in in carts and things like that. So it was really exciting. I'm really glad I did it wonderful conversation. When through a lot of racing stuff. He's going to tell you why he thinks that watching you know, off road and stadium trucks a little more excited in watching NASCAR. So I thought that was interesting kind of has a point, you know, it's all about that. Attention span we kind of fight over pineapple on pizza once once we get into some personality type question. So a lot here too tight jest with Sheldon once again, just wonderful conversation. I appreciate GM s and for setting this up for for offering him up. And yeah, he went out and ran martinsville. If you're listening to this Sunday night yesterday, and he's gonna run Texas Phoenix and homestead and who knows what's going to happen. For that. So he definitely wants to be a NASCAR. And he is on his way to doing that. So still getting used to the pavement stuff. So getting used to going in circles. So let's get to it's again, really really really good in review wonderful twenty one year old. That's another thing that will come up. He tried to make myself and Ashley his PR Raphael old. But get great conversation. Really looking forward to it. Please send any feedback. You have to Twitter you can follow me at Kelly Crandall. I hope you're subscribing. If you like this episode, make sure you have subscribed. If left a rating in review, go through the archives..

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