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Just plain expensive. I need you to name the top for most common responses. When people are asked, What do your most prized possessions Diogo designer shoes or designer purses? That's my questions. Shoes is a little bit more. They're both like 2 to 3000 each with their own shoes. I feel like you could include men in more, obviously, their purses. We got Jordan. That rain was a sneaker heads for real. Okay, So I'm gonna go childhood photos stuffed animal or blankie from childhood. Whatever you used to sleep with. We didn't mention cars like your luxury car. But I mean, there's a possession. It's It's not as common like I mean, people can all own Lamborghinis. Jeffrey sorry. Okay? Yeah, Some people like their souped up Mazda's like it's still a prized possession. Yeah, Car for years. Childhood photos, stuffy or blankie. Wedding ring or engagement range. Lori and I'm going to stick with designer handbag, according to a new survey. These are the top answers that people gave one asked for the most prized possessions number one family photos. You got that number to a wedding ring or engagement, accepted any sort of jewelry number three on the list. Laptop computer really did her cell phone interesting and number four on the list was your car way. Others that made the list included a wedding dress, A child's memory box and the family TV Tio I go for placing beer bomb Must have been 12 on the list of something pretty close. All right, well, we didn't get it right. So someone want to hear you sing Laffy taffy by deferral. Girl. Shake that laughing happy they're laughing, Fabio! Take that laughing, laughing, Fabio, take that laughing. Those lyrics spoke to my soul. There they were, I get to the other part that said Laffy taffy. Okay, we'll have to come back for another version. But that's your shot. Caller. Question of the day your phone taps coming up in just a few minutes. Alexa play moving Andy, 2.5. Okay now playing Seattle's number one hit music station. Oh, my, he's lonely..

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