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They do that today we could sit around was in an utter a gordon hunt we may never know why steven paddock fired on las vegas crowd killing fifty eight measuring 100 says clark county sheriff joe lombardo we've never had one where we haven't figured out a motive every so i said earlier if this guy has no moral direction than than if all if all of this life is is what you got right now and when this is over in your mind that's it well then what would keep you from not doing from doing anything uh interviews with paddocks girlfriend mary lou dan lee and his entire family tree to exwives have not revealed any motive for the shooting he was a video poker player had no known gambling debts an autopsy revealed no brain abnormalities the investigation ongoing has prompted another revision of the shooting time line which could change even more as time goes on paddock change gender checked into a free of room screeched gives me a free of charge room to mandalay bay on september the 25th three days earlier earlier than previously known and then after three days he moved to a corner suite that he paid for on the thirty second floor which is where he carried out the shooting the new revelation that we started to learn of yesterday is that the guard encountered him the shooter i've said his name a couple of times have done that yet still today the guard encountered they're shooter before his shooting spree in that raises a fundamental question or white took so long to stop him the guard made it into the hallway of phone to call hotel security after being shot but they're not sure how long that took and he he shot an estimated two hundred rounds into the hallway it's believe he visited mosquito nevada several times before october the first might have visited a your shooting range there we were talking yesterday about there was no evidence that i mean he had to have practice this he had do of so so now there may be a thinking that that he went to a shooting range jura mosquito vata the share of lombardo said he's on aware of any uh videos a rumored ooo show no the shooter performing shooting drills also dispels rumors that he had met with a.

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