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Parton gives us a special performance of Joe lean and Ellen Degeneres herself gives us the scoop on her new Netflix Comey special relatable. Yeah. Who is that? Well, I'm I'm Mary Connolly, I'm Kevin even the second glavin. And I'm your host Andy last night. Do that every time. It's your time. We have very special guest. Ellen Degeneres is here. Ellen is here. What are you eating? I'm starving having some almonds and cashews. Okay. So we just we just finished taping show, and we're doing the podcast and Ellen stopped into our special guest today. Yeah. You told me too. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We thought it'd be a nice treat that have something to go to a little later, and you had some free time after the show I had some time. And so I'm here because I shuffled some things around the podcast and made made some room for you. Thank you. So some of the stuff we we'll have to put in later because Ellen's here. Do you talk about plan? Anything not really? But here's what we make this. This was a good week for Ellen Ellen heads some amazing guests here this week. And and some not so mazing. Well. That's not true. That's that's true. Well, one of our favorite people in the world. Jennifer Aniston was here. This was a genuine actual friend of Ellen's rather. They spend time together. Socially, socially. Yeah. Yes. I like her a lot, and she's my friend. What does she think of you? I don't know. No. She loves you. She seems like she likes. She seems like. Yeah. What about the birthday party idea? That's such a great idea. She seems open to that. She does. One hour on the show celebrating their life and their birth. She doesn't need to spend time in makeup and come work. I mean, it's work. I think she felt like it would take pressure off her that we would sort of fed her. We'll somebody's gonna do something. It's not like no one's doing something for but deal. It's nice that you're doing it and take it in. Well, we just walked by the picture of your sixtieth birthday party on show. We know how to throw a good. I hope she does she's gonna do it. We FaceTime a lot really. Do you like seeing someone while you're talking to him on the phone? I hate FaceTime. I don't she's a big fan of FaceTime. And she started it and then now every once in a while one spot. Yes, usually I'm usually in bed like because it's nine thirty. And she's you know. Hate it. Really? If you're gonna be on the phone. Also. You also have that out of proportion head. So it's close to probably. The whole thing doesn't get in. Rotating FaceTime, right? I think. Ellen and Jennifer Aniston, always fun homerun fun. Take a listen..

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