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Welcome to security on the by you. I'm your host Chris Adkins uh-huh recap of today's security news and why it matters to you all right and welcome back Security on the by Monday January twenty seventh twenty twenty Get a few stories today. We're GONNA talk about First let's Let's kill music. Thank you next the first one it's From Puli Microsoft's Internet Explorer Zero Day. Working workaround is breaking printers so Last week or earlier this month actually Microsoft released a a work around for a C B Twenty twenty zero six seven four in security advisory essentially. It's a way to restrict the access to deal L. File. I'm not sure I would have to do some research. Well what exactly the deal. Four but essentially one of the side effects of this is that it makes your printer. Stop working so there is zero day. But there's has limited limited visibility of it in the wild it doesn't look like anybody's currently exporting it. Although as as we know that will change very quickly so you can either. At the end of the day you can either have working printers or you can have it open zero day. So it's up to you I would ask why are you printing so much of this is affecting you that much. So there's that one from graeme clearly next also from Graham clearly. He's got some he's got to today. This is a record for him. hackers hit firms with ransomware by exploiting Shitrit Slot. So here it is. It's starting to happen As you if you keep up with the news at all shit tricks rex was released was last week last weekend I think is them all the PSC started coming out and all the different code exploit essentially. There's a there's a vulnerability in some six appliances and what we saw happen is that there was actually good guys and bad guys going in patching thing in using the tricks appliances you know some folks were dropping in other back doors. While securing the the flaw that or the vulnerability vulnerability they use to get in. Well now. We're starting to finally see a bad guy start to use it for ransomware. It was inevitable. I mean it's going to happen right. you know they're they're going to do random. Wears the flavor of the day people pay it you know so. Why wouldn't you do it? If I was in that position I would do the same thing. One of the interesting thinks he points out here. Is that obviously six. A lot of remote work is done via six apparently had some issues. The Dutch had some issues with this ended up having to bring a bunch of people link because they couldn't get in with I guess they work strictly out of citric so there is some free tools out there that was developed by six and fire. I of all people will to to help. DETECT ICEES of This it's not going to do any patching and actually gonNA protect you. It's more more or less warning so if you haven't used that tool or done some tricks has suggested in need need to go off and do that or does it get rid of six together. It's up to you all right And so speaking of ransomware the cost for ransomware to where to recover from a ransomware event doubled in the last quarter of two thousand eighteen so that they estimated the average recovery costs was right around forty one grand that has doubled all the way up to eighty four thousand dollars which is as we talk just talked about. It's going to keep going and people are going to keep. Exporting these things these vulnerabilities and putting ranch. It's more because they're getting money. It's just that that plane is simple thereafter one thing. It's the money although as they do point out in this article I'm sorry this is on Forbes as written by Lee Matthews. He's a good one as he pointed out in this article. We're starting to see more and more of these folks. Take the data and threaten to release it if you don't pay the ransom so it's a little. This sort of a standard tactic has been used forever right. That's been normal now. The ransomware guys have started to pile onto although only a few have actually done it. I think we'll start to see more and more and more of that I think simply because they're making enough money with the ransom enough people are paying it. They can afford to let a few of them. Go and drop that data to scare put the fear of God in them and one of the things that as soon as I saw this saying well how do you know. So how do you protect yourself. If you think about the small companies out there in one of the things he right here at the very end arkle already says instead. Strengthen your defenses pence's investing capable firewall hardware and reputable anti malware software train your staff to spot suspicious but suspicious emails ensure that you have reliable data backup system in place place. Those one hundred percent. Ultra those one hundred percent all things you should be doing but I look APP. The smaller companies in the world. That have like one or two people in their struggle to keep up with that alone which is tough and that's part of the deal right is it. That's the reality of the way it is so I would also I would add onto here to that if you're in a director position. It Director Security Director CCS. Oh any of those sort of you know responsible for this sort of item. If you're not exploring some form cyber liability insurance to cover your ass. I think you're going to be in trouble. I mean it's going to cost you a lot of money. It's driving your car without insurance. Why would you do? You know the the the premiums in principle the premiums are low. That's something you should be doing on a daily basis. Is If you're not if you don't already have that that you should be buying that. Go talk to your risk managers. I'm sure if you talk to any nearly any other leader in your company I bet you they. They have some form of liability insurance to cover them for something in all of those companies will settle you cyber liability. You should be. You should be exploring that you should have that on your books. It'd be something should be doing. Add that to your tool belt. That's Cya all day long. You don't WanNa be the guy that gets that gets ransomware and it doesn't have a way to pay for it right. Don't be that person are now. We'll get off my high horse for the day. I'm sure that will come up again. All right folks back at it first podcast in quite a while. Hope you enjoyed it. Learn something I'll get better as we go. I'll get better again..

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