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KGB. What? The way they talk about it in glowing terms, and they're always going to go after Donald Trump. Let's look what Joe Biden did. Listen, That's a simple suggestion. And I know you're on top of it. And thank God for that. Debbie is on top of the traffic for you this morning. On Am 9 70 the answer. Good morning, Debbie. Good buddy. Joe Piscopo. Let's see what's happening here on the westbound BQE moving slowly eating down toward the Kosciuszko Bridge, an accident. A couple of cars collided over there. It's still busy on the cross. Bronx Vester Castle Hill Avenue watch per volume. Other very weak north now getting up toward Main Street as well. We're still seeing some volume on the Northern state West. Bennett Willis have an accident pushed off to the shoulder. Southern State Parkway Westbound a straight path. An accident after West Babylon inbound G W B up to a 25 minute delay to that upper level. Lincoln 20. Holland about 25 to 30 80 eastbound updates at 19 and Allah, Moochie. That's an accident involving a bus. So do watch out for some ongoing activity there. One in nine reopened north beyond getting up through south would have in Linden. Earlier accident investigation cleared and 84 west at 6 84 in Brewster an accident in the left lane. You now know where not to go. I'm Debbie Do him with Joe Piscopo am 9 70 the ant. They say that in life, expect the unexpected. No one goes into marriage, anticipating divorce.

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