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Friday morning committee. Jason horse racing podcast brought to you. Twin spires happened to be with you here on this friday june. The eleventh we get set for a weekend in the world of horseracing and we'll talk about a fair bit of that on today's show. Ara buddies in the jury will be here to man jury this week James will be back next week. But it's just add scott today so me get me for that just means you get me for like seven minutes. More is all that meat. So we'll talk with them kind of close out our discussions on the triple crown and belmont. Ed had highly touted essential quality in was talking about how much he was going to bet. So we'll talk a little bit about that about the the odds shift laid how that affected his His wagers and There was a crazy story. Scott covers golf on twin spires and the edge dot at twinspires.com which is where a lot of content lives. And you know. He's he's golf shop and there was a crazy story in the world of golf last week and so we'll talk with shep about that. And if you bet on certain gulford that was not allowed to finish his round because he got covid and he was way ahead like twenty six beats ever. Let's talk about that too. Like i was thinking about like. I don't think i've ever. I don't remember having like a. You know. bet on a horse where he was in the at the sixteen police five clear and the jack falls off or you remember like fallen leaf at at gulfstream park. If if there's a really neat special that espn and kenny mayne did kenny. Mayne is a longtime espn sportscenter. He's a seattle guy though he's from here and went to my same high my mom and he would do these little weird things at espn. For years and one of them was he did a little story about fallen leaf and fallen leaf. If you remember. That was the one where the horse was clear. He had if i remember right he or she. I forget if it's a boy or girl horse had been erratic in the first start and would like i don't remember. I don't think the worst was going to win. But he was like in middle of the pack and like it was like totally logging in and out and so the second start the horse gets the lead and comes to finish and looks like it's going to go. Okay and pete literally says like you know no issues of any kind today like right as he says that the horse duck straight in goes over the temporary rail and unseats the rider and loose and pete and there. We go with the antics pete moment and call. But there's a really cool. Like i said it's on youtube. If you just look up fallen leaf can remain or something like that. And it's a it's a crazy story. But i don't. I don't remember ever having any of those as a better like any you know crazy sic beats the other one i remember. That's like one of the greatest beats if it for a mariners fan was there was a time. The mariners played the cleveland indians. I think it was sunday night. Baseball in the mariners were up by like a lot of runs. I wanna say i'm not joking. I want to say it was like fifteen one. I'm going to look at mariners. Blow twelve run lead. I think that's what it is. Yeah it was against cleveland. I was right on that. Okay good and that was the year by the way i think it was the year or maybe it was the next year the mariners like they. They think it might have been the same year. They won a hundred sixteen games so they were like a legitimately really good team and they blew a twelve run lead. Like if you bet sports baseball in particular. And if you're up twelve you gotta be feeling pretty good like i bet. You know the occasional hockey game where you're up like seventy two or something you know you can kind of go to dinner and relax. Because beckham's over and i've got to think with the mariners. It was the same thing but Yeah we can preview addition. We'll talk about some of what's coming up this weekend back. Couple nice raises churchill. I wanna talk about. We'll talk about the salvator mile. Which i meant to talk about yesterday. And then didn't they drew the race for the pegasus at monmouth which is on sunday and small field. Which i think it was kind of expected especially with manda lunar showing up. It's a. I remember thinking initially like. Oh it's kind of a bummer. It's you know. I wonder who's going to actually run against them. Then you remember like it's listed hundred and fifty thousand dollar race. It's not even a graded stakes race and so It stands to reason that maybe a lot of bigger names wouldn't go there just because of that like and so mandolin is there. He's it's it's the primary prep for the haskell and it sounds like that's kind of his target and obviously with the news last week. That monmouth scan allow baffert to run their. You know you gotta think he'd be pointing one or more of his good three year olds to that race. And so the haskell shaping up at least now as a pretty interesting one so mandolin draws post to and couple. Decent name showed up. I mean brooklyn strong. Who was fifth last time out in the wood memorial and was victorious in the rim stakes draws post one way burn who won the gotham and was fourth in the wood. Memorial is drawn out and post four. Doctor jack in lugano lugano. I don't know anything about lugano attack. Jack but if i mean i think it'll be an interesting race if anything just because you have your potential kentucky derby winner. It's weird right. Because i feel like in my head i have already mandal. Luna's the derby winner. Because i just assumed that the disqualification is going to happen for medina spirit. But maybe that's preemptive crowning so we'll be interesting to see what happens with that race and how it kind of shakes out and of course what happens In in the coming weeks as we get set for the haskell stakes which on july seventeenth at monmouth this year so amanda luna. He strikes me. he's you know he's not one of those you know. It doesn't have like a huge move or you know kind of a powerful kick. He just kind of you know he's he's just a good solid horse and i almost hold him not going by against him a little bit just in the sense that like felt like he should have but harrow. Charlie didn't go by and he ran a monster race. Central quality didn't go by. He ran a monster race in his next time out. So maybe mandolin is that good in his. You know specially gets who he's going to be facing. Maybe this'll be. you know. A big confidence booster form to me just because he he laid a couple eggs in louisiana and i can always be forgiving about those but it almost makes me wonder if you know. Maybe he's not all that know in a bag groceries so we shall see but that's coming up on sunday. Why don't we get to the jury. We'll get to scott. And then i will come back and talk a little bit about to some of the weekend racing coming up. It is horse racing podcasts. Friday edition of the program sponsored by twin spires the jason beam worst bracing podcast brought to you by twin spires. Is your home for daily thoroughbred horse racing conversation. Join host

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