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Forty degrees in your corrupted immoral mayor hanky panky needs to get a spanky city my home city my beloved city of denver colorado and i was so ready yesterday to come in here all fired up and excited about a potential game changing moment in the president trump presidency and in the future and direction of our country with regard to mayor hancock man oh man the the hits just keep on coming and craig silverman will have in studio i'm sorry inst not necessarily in studio but he will have on his show nine o'clock fresh out of the gate sean wayne because attorney for leslie branch wise and so man who knows what else is gonna come out of that there's new information about limousine rides thousand dollar plus limousine rides that didn't go to the department of education where they were supposed to go they went somewhere else will there be more women who come out will there be more scandal will be immorality and the cover up that appears to be getting more and more complicated and more and more facets will we get to the bottom of it never fear the justice league at seven ten kanye asses here and on the story and we are going to talk with lisa called her own around seven o'clock who is really been a a great ally in pushing back on this cover up for mayor hancock in the city of denver and the builders and everybody else to tell you about the second round of the times up handcock rally but as far as yesterday goes i was so so excited in the morning when i saw a tweet from president trump that said he might veto this amnon the omnibus absolutely i hate to use the word abortion of a bill but that's how ugly it is that's how nasty it is that's how damaging it is for your kids and your grandkids and more importantly in the short not more importantly necessarily but more in your face more just around the corner this could be it for the trump presidency the house of representatives is now at risk when i saw the tweet yesterday from president trump that said i may veto this bill i thought we were about to see president donald j trump elevate his presidency to this level seen in the senate budget committee this past week was a disappointing when i think for the.

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