A highlight from Part 1: Dawsons Flat Tire, plus Blah Blah Blog: Twitter Bio Edition (ACS June 10)


Tweed do conversations all of my guests alcohols. We drink we play gave. We have the song of the week that we have the create a curse word of the week. If you're having fun as our guest speaking of gas each week. I'm gonna go through my whole contact first into the world of music gaming exotic cars tech strippers. Probably doctors probably probably strippers. That are only string. They can pay for tuition. Took a common doctor. You never know tree here. We'll get to try and make you play. It's a lot going on. But that's what it's all about. The t pain's nappy renting can see you soon. From girl the one studios in glendale california is the adam. Corolla show adams guest today. Abc's chief legal. Dan abrahams put gina grad on news and bald bryan on sound effects the now your mileage may vary but his never does adam karol the arrogated on gotta get it on a choice but to get the mandate you get it off. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks down the frame and loved that. About geographic. Right

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