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Three thousand Tom now, you just press the phone icon on your Tom leykis show. Apple you're right through to the studio where you can do. Simply dial directed nine zero one three thousand eight six six. Gioia to download the Tom leykis act. Three thousand. Tom leykis show. Normal news at news four guy from Gary poured has launched a sexy zodiac. This is sensually. We'll let you know do the position of the moon. Whether you're going to get laid or not. Who really, you know, but people buy into the ship. All kinds of stuff. Dr here I pass like six or seven of those, you know, people that will tell you your future. And I don't know read your pines all that stuff. So if you're like a Scorpio this week might be a good week for you to be out there. Trying to get you some. And then maybe later in the month is not so good. We don't know. But I would imagine that they'll make a pretty penny off. It's just over the novelty of it, though, probably make sure Chautauqua money who who right who everybody. Everybody's online. First and foremost for porn and everything else falls into place. Continues to be a problem in the UK. This particular instance, in Bristol England landlords caught on camera demanding sex return for free rent. It's been successful in a lot of indifferent. Instances you see landlords now. Trading rent for sex happens. A lot over this poll. Bristle thing man, this this is this is beyond rent it, even pay expenses short jab involving this BBC undercover operation. The find out a whole lot. A the the it's shown on some show called inside out west in the investigation worked with a charity, and to expose the way female tenants are being abused by their landlord is that really them being abused. Or are they taking advantage of an option that they're essentially illegally being given minus the outright say, hey up, a pay your bills. I'll took all the official writing out of it. Then it's just like, hey, let's let's go to the bang. Let's go to dinner, then bang and all. Let's look the other way for rent that wasn't written now or even said it could happen. But these people don't realize that there's a camera on a landlord duck calling himself, Tom no relation. You're of course, told a reporter that she would get free rent gas electric and throwing some WI fi. Yeah. That's great. If she just simply moved into the flat. I do an old broad for for free WI fi. Oh, jeff. I see. You're definitely definitely no. I mean, like if you know if an old woman in a house coat does your landlord, and you know, you had to do some dusty coach once a month just to get some free wifi. You wouldn't do that? Oh, definitely definitely. I I would do a Albano coots for just for parking spot. Here's another one. I'm easy. Labrador retriever has saved an Oregon man man from a sex conviction. Not in the way that you would think he didn't come to his rescue. He was accused of sexual abuse of a minor way way back in the day on not way back. They talk about twenty seventeen April twelve twenty seventeen and this minor had said that in the sexual abuse case that he had threatened to kill her dog. And then actually killed her dog in front of her. Wow. Point just to make the point for the guy gets convicted. He's now gonna be locked up for fifty years. So he goes to one of those people that innocence project. Yes. In this case in this case, it's the Oregon, look here's the deal. I didn't kill any dog. There's the dogs out there somewhere. So they spent all this time trying to find a dog eventually found the God damned the dog was alive. Right. Because they knew that finding the dog would would show that the person making the allegation had lied under oath. Exactly. All the organism innocence project stepped up to the plate. So now, everybody's all the happy family the dog and the dude except for minor that the cues them of rape that didn't work out for her or the miners family..

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