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Zero dash had dreamed of winning Wimbledon since he was a young kid, and I think he pretty much knew this was his last chance but ask also knew that might be wishful thinking, Jimmy Connors, nine years. His junior had won the nineteen seventy-four Australian and US opens and was the reigning Wimbledon champ. He started the nineteen seventy five season by winning nine of the tournaments he entered. He dominated in a way that few players have ever dominated. He was thought to be unbeatable invincible, really avenue. There'd be a good chance he'd have to go through Connors to capture a Wimbledon title. In mid June of nineteen seventy five ashen Connors competed at the Nottingham open a pre Wimbledon warm-up tournament both lost in the quarter-finals in a post tournament press conference. Connor said that he had been just a little bit off his game, but in the future of he would just crush his opponents. And to be honest, almost all of the journalists covering Wimbledon thought he was correct, but that statement just stuck in Arthur's craw ash, kept his anger to himself for a little while anyway, he filed it away when play at Wimbledon got underway. Arthur Ashe Jimmy Connors were in opposite brackets. They breezed by their opponents Connors, didn't lose a single set at dispatch, Tony, Roach in the semis on July third and sat in the stands to watch Connors, play, Roscoe, Tanner Roscoe. Tanner had the fastest serve in tennis and every time he would hit the scorching serves or ground strokes. Conners would hit back ten miles an hour faster. When Arthur's saw this, he thought, oh, wow, Roscoe. Can't out hit him. Then really, no one could Connors defeated Tanner in straight-sets, but while watching them Ascott and what if he didn't try to out hid Connors, don't give him any pace. Just constantly take it off ship and lob just drive him crazy, hit loaded, his forehand volley. And that might conceivably work. On the morning of July fifth nineteen seventy-five. Jimmy Connors was the overwhelming favorite to defeat Arthur ash when they took center court Connors, gamesmanship was obvious. He had an Italian designers outfit on, but Ashmead a fashion statement of his own Arthur's wearing the Davis Cup sweatshirt blue with red letters thing USA, but it was a reminder that Connors had led his country down and let his fellow players down. I mean, that wasn't like Arthur to play those kind of mind games. But this may be been one of the times when he did it was also unlike ash to play a strictly chip in lob game. He killed him with kindness with the slow ball with the spins. Love. I wonder if Cuomo's lost head of it there. I think they asked bowl would floated out. Don't give him any pace. You'll drive him crazy. And he won the first set six one kind of wasn't even in it and hardly one point in the second-set. The crowd is just stunned no one thought this was a remotely possible down two sets to none Connors came back to win the third. Well, here goes founders is gonna come back and he's going to win three straight sets. The fantasy of ashes is going to be over in the fourth set. It looked like Connors would even the match at two sets of peace, but Asha abandoned the ship in lob and reverted to his usual array of topspin backhands and well-placed forehands to build a five, four lead in the fourth set. Two points for authorized.

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