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Roll or whatever it is, if that's what it is that's what it is, but it's the way that the way the Jackie champion for, you know, safety one, there's gotta be somebody that champions through this because the only professional sports where the players don't have it association has their interests at heart, and that's that seems wrong. And that's not that's not a shot at IndyCar. Again, if I said in the article shade every time we talk about this, this isn't enough. I know we feel like would be wrong divided them. This is purely just we feel behind the times and that's motor sports, f the dozen having associated the way the GP what I'm talking about. Nine for doesn't have one. One one, it's more sports globally is is behind the eight ball on on how this should operate. Yeah, it's awfully early here and the article just came out. Have you had any feedback at all from Indy-Car management on this inch. Honestly, no. To to kind of sit down and talk posts. But you know, as I said, we've we've had conversations over the last few years. It's come up in conversation with with with different people in IndyCar management. You know, I've tried this team owners about it as well. When you know even full one created the Formula one team societas. Right? That's right. I mentioned that a NASCAR has the RTA for teams. That's right. Even IndyCar I think to talk about unifying and and being a little more a little more on the same page, always tough to do when you have a group of individuals whose whose means and successes or directly affected by the failures of others. Depended on the on the failures of not successes of others. It's important, you know, I think all the party gonna present it properly in in the kind of business rain. It just makes sense. And it's just trying to be fair. You know, you guys are put the risk on the line for the teams on the sponsors in the show for the fans. You should be protected while you're doing it doing that Hinch. And I think that's nothing more than fair. And I think that's the basis of this whole thing just about a minute left to go here season all done, kind of up and down the high with the wind, Iowa, the disappointment of not qualifying for the five hundred tenth and final points. This team is too good to give up. They never have given up. They won't give up and I know there's better things on the horizon, but kind of a kind of a weird kind of weird campaign for you for twenty eighteen. Yeah, definitely. As you said highs lows. That's that's the thing for a twenty nineteen victory. We've put a together for full cars and I think all the cheese. For twenty eighteen really pay off. You know, despite the fact that the double points race, we headed points want to be proud. What was always kind of look at it the building here. So definitely high hopes for twenty nineteen rebel this head organization as it is the chance to kind of tweaking in tune a little bit. Whenever we do one of these interviews, it's easy to understand why you are the most popular driver in IndyCar hint era, a good guy. Thanks for this time, and good luck with this idea for drivers association with some muscle blinded because I say, I think it's a very important issue and we're going to do whatever we can will on the race line radio network to to assist you in any way possible getting the word out. Thanks so much for this. Have yourself a great off-season and we will chat sooner than leader. My friend. So there is what James Hinchcliffe is thinking right now going into the IndyCar op season, the formation of an IndyCar drivers association. So the guy's suing the risk are better protected. Primarily through insurance is long overdue, and it's a, it's a high profile. Personality like hint is behind this for sure. All right. Well, that final pitstop is do them. We're going to return the last laugh next week, show ideas.

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