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For thirty years Cheryl Atkinson was a was a correspondent in an anchor at CBS news P. B. S. C. N. N. I. N. boy and then they found out she wasn't Razi progressive she was actually looking for the truth no matter where the chips fell so they are on her out on a rail good thing for us there is something called the interwebs the information super highway really gave her home now she also has her her own show with St Clair called full measure and she actually looks for the truth Cheryl Atkinson how are you I am interested thank you well yeah I'm very good I'm I'm interested in in in hearing your theory and what you found in with the state department and shadow diplomacy let me just say that I typically without trying to be in for the contrary and I see something entirely different than what I think even some of the Republican see when I listen to these hearings and it is sort of the last gasp of the persistent bureaucracy within the state department yes speaking against a president who came in and did exactly what he said he was going to do yes changed in Richmond usual take charge they didn't like it and I would go so far as to say his mission by our diplomats that they took action contrary to what they understood the president's foreign policy desires work which I believe that extra constitutional and perhaps worst but there they seem to think we've now heard it stated explicitly they think the bureaucrats they run the show the president works for them and they're out of their mind when he didn't see things the way they wanted him to see that they have a lot of the state department has a lot invested in Ukraine and and a policy called civil society two point no that was designed by a Hillary Clinton when she was at the state department Barack Obama and and some other some other figures that usually only belong and conspiracy theories like George Soros and they have sex this course up as a matter of policy and they spoke about it at the time Cheryl with with people who were in the room helping design it that they needed it to be institutionalized so it wouldn't matter what presidents would do when they came in and went that's not what the state department is supposed to do the state department works for the president not for themselves on elected officials and I think that's one of the revelations that says them explicitly saying otherwise and I would also point out I looked at the disclosure the other day for the foreign agents registration act this is where foreign countries disclosed the lobbying the foreign agents the hiring here in the U. S. a lobby for their interests most countries have in the congressional coming maybe a page of people they hired you know to do certain things is by far the biggest that has pages and pages of people at higher in the last few years to lobby journalists and members of Congress to make contributions all kinds of things and I don't think it's any coincidence that everybody is advocating it looks to me like the state department official that sounds to me like they're advocating for Ukraine and trying to change the president's mind yes rather than the other way around right I mean I I here's the thing that I is lost on me why people can't next here Italy quid pro quo is a way of life I mean it's it's it's commerce it's free market it's our marriage everything is pretty quick quid pro quo you cheat on me and I'm probably not going to hang around and that is going to bushel when there is not a precondition for foreign aid or a white you find that there haven't been conditions that that's expected to have conditions that why would we why would we just give money away especially to a country that all sides even curry Ukrainian say corrupt is hell why wouldn't we have conditions on that money something new has arisen the last day and a half at least in my mind there is such an effort by the diplomat can make sure no one would commit in Ukraine two and a corruption investigation or look into election meddling in twenty sixteen why what is the harm I mean they may be right they may be wrong that there wasn't any there's good evidence that their wives left leaning political concluded their wives based on firsthand interviews but let's just say there isn't there wasn't any what's the harm in having the investigation that would show that why are they so hell bent on keeping the present you claim from committing to any investigation into corruption or twenty sixteen or breast I think it's strange Cheryl I I would love to have your brain around this may I send you a box of documents from the state department front it from the court system in Ukraine along with video tape of what we have on on officials admitting to these things because the facts are all there no one is willing to go there and it is if if this becomes just about Donald Trump my opinion share on this whole thing is if Donald Trump was doing something wrong illegal then he should pay the price if the Democrats were doing something wrong or legal they should pay the price but we need to overturn every stone because our Republic is at stake just like with Russia if Donald Trump was colluding with Russia he should have been impeached I don't care who's right or wrong I want to know the truth well I'm I'm concerned that the persistent Durocher the is been quite effective in punishing anybody around president from so far that has gone off script of what they want to happen and if they're able to make it where president can't institute for Policy can't call for investigations into corruption can't condition eight I mean we've been given up any notion that the constitution that says the president trump foreign policy of the play we basically than that now Hey David bureaucracy besides the things the president just have to go along with that sure can I tell you something that President Bush told me in the oval office I was there the day that Barack Obama who was then trailing Hillary Clinton he said that you know if I if I had charge I I would I would send our jets I don't care about their air space if if I want to find you know the bad guys and they're in Afghanistan I'll just send the jets over in this is that the time where we kind of thought that maybe Afghanistan was kind of an ally and I said Mister president I mean can we do that it's an ally what would that mean and he looked at me and he tried to comfort me and it's booked the hell out of me he said clan don't worry I don't care who sits in this chair when they do they will be advised by exactly the same people they'll see the same facts and they'll realize the president's hands are pretty tied it's just going to stay the same well can you imagine being an outsider like from the convent of change that who understands that and things of harmful to the nation right or you get your Jeff sessions than I have good a story that says he whispered in his own office when he met with certain people because other people listening to work for him he didn't try and you want to do things that nobody around you support that how you can implement anything this is what the I think you know term limits are so important but I think service limits are important the these institutions if you've been there and you've seen five presidents come and go what do you care what the president said about lasted all of you guys and it is the air against grows and the the programs again used please I'll send you the information look up civil society to point oh and what they were really doing and what they still are doing in Chile they they eaten institutionalize this so it just runs under the radar and the president may or may not even know it but that's that is truly what they're covering here and every single one of these people that are been testifying they're all involved in it I mean like deeply I've I have emails that through for your request that if they've come from them and I have the money I have the state department connections we we have all of it it it's it's not a hidden secret is just that no one will look into it in the press and I think that's because they've made it about trump and I think I did an interview with the author name Thomas ran a winner he wrote a book called they just want any touches upon what you're saying that he goes back historically and says this was designed the swamp as we know it yes by design was with thought that there will be bureaucrats the permanent government they called themselves the despite what the election now and we'd be distracted by the elections the permanent government would be the one running the show and I think it's exactly what we're seeing today it really became really grew out of Woodrow Wilson's frustration with the league of nations he just knew that was right and so we just have to get this done and between him and FDR it just grew into this this this hydra that now is I think beyond most people's comprehension because they don't hear about it ever by design or you can I just looked up a quick quote from that block and granite within the office and early social sciences getting out the plan what ended minutes straight of state would look like often used the phrase hermit government instead will still have elections and they're useful because they distracted isn't what what's going to happen is we will be the lead by a man of a permanent government in no way affected by the results of the election and that's exactly where we are is I've never it and I've been doing my research on this Ukraine thing for about a year and what what we started to find about a year ago was disturbing and the more we look into it and it is it's truly terrifying it if if the Senate doesn't pick this up and expose what's going on if they make this just about Donald Trump this all of this stuff is just a show it's just a show and nothing's really changed in the midst of all this in twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen targeting a Ukrainian caucus that's not a coincidence I'm sure that was the result of lobbying and contribution and I think a lot of them I'm talking about Republicans are tied up in that in the Ukrainian interest in the way we don't understand and they're not doing much to counter that all narrative that there was no Ukrainian apparently election they're kind of sitting silently by with maybe a couple of exceptions they're not holding hearing back on hold they're not counterpoint in some of the things that are not true so I'm not really confident they're they're gonna do a strong and great job if you're looking at them for a counterpoint sure may I have off there may I have one of my researchers send you a bunch of raw the information and we can give you the outline on it but I I would love for you to see these documents because you are absolutely right and I think we have proven the case beyond a reasonable doubt with official documents but there's so much more work to be done on it and it has to be exposed may I reach out to you after the show all right look at look at it Cheryl thank you so much appreciated god bless you bet she's the host of full measure with Cheryl acts and and just really really very bright.

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