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Oh, yeah, It's a good day. It's a good day. Just about one day before Thanksgiving. Okay. I've been taking your phone calls. Finish up your calls in a second athletes that you're thankful for. But I got to remind you about something that was amazing this week. And it's our old spice on stoppable drive of the week. Triple action. Old Spice sweat defense. It's not just strong. Strength level, you know, Sunday night. As the Chiefs Trail the Raiders 31 to 28 with a minute and 43 left. Who else? Patrick Mahomes. He led Kansas City on a seven play 75 yard drive that ended with a 22 yard touchdown pass to Travis Kelsey. The Chiefs. They went on to win the game and 35 to 31. They're now non and one on the season. I mean, damn it, if you want to be thankful for anybody. You know, I would tell you, Patrick, my homes when it comes to an athlete that you wanna watch. He's high up on the list. He's right there. Probably number one football player that I would want to see play at any moment. If I know the Chiefs are on. I know it's probably gonna be a good game a good matchup. I'm soon and then Thankful for the opportunity to watch that man. Take take some Time off. Sit down, Relax and watch a game. James Cole, enough from reading Pennsylvania. Jay, you want CBS Sports Radio. Who you thankful for? The art of Thanks for having me I got to. I got Jerry Rice and it's crazy. I feel like you know, he's a great football player ever. When you look at the stats, you know, like, you know, Brady Moss and feel they have monster years and touchdowns and catches but nobody's even close. No, we got over 200 touchdowns and you have to get 10 touchdowns every year for 20 years, and you still don't catch Jerry Rice. His work of technology is telling my son today like how hard he used to work out, Daddy said, throwing bricks and stuff you know for him to catch breaks and you know, like it translated on the still His workout thing in San Francisco was legendary. A lot of players could undo it one and that one in that that thing he used to do And I got a like on a note of another caller, a local person that people pride only below Donyell Marshall. Daniel Marshall was the first person from that town that that we've seen making, you know, and then gave us hope. Even if a little running countries Anya, you know, people forget, you know, he was the fourth pick behind Big dog, Glenn Robinson. Jason Kidd. Grant held. It was Daniel Marshall, you know, like, you know, but he he gave us hope that you know if you could do with the chance that we could do it, and that's why I believe money walkers in the NBA now because scout start coming, they're running because of Daniel Marshall. Okay, McCall, Man, No doubt about it. Thank you, Jay. So much for calling up from reading P A. Let's go to Massachusetts. Stop the Jesse Just tur CBS Sports Radio. Hey, what's up? Yeah, You got me on hold for 17 minutes, but it's a great show. It's all worth it. Well, then we'll just see if if if the show sucked You'd be able to come right on. But that just means there's a lot of people who like to listen. And you just got to wait. No, definitely, man. I got five year quick five. You ready? Oh, my God. I hope it's a quick five. Don't leave me here forever. Got Floyd Mayweather. Jackie Robinson. Ready. Bruce. Keep Got there, Russell. Okay. I mean, that's an eclectic group. Why do you have Floyd Mayweather in that group? But some of those guys fit in some of them. He seems like an out liar. Not ploy because he's only one dominating. Nobody ever did it like him, you know? Okay. All right. So every day you got a good show, man. Appreciate it. All right. Thank you. Jesse sent an email to my boss. Okay? All right. All right. Thank you for calling from Massachusetts. Let's go to San Jose and talk to Mike. Mike, you are CBS Sports radio. Hey, uh, I'm thinking for cold people. You won't Mike, You're thankful for who For a couple of people. Not that Oh, I was I was just I was just like, Did you name a person or like, What did you say? OK, Go ahead quickly. Quickly. Yeah. Call earlier named Bonds. And I got a bond strike of your asking for one. Okay. And what him like cursing you out or denying you of an autograph. Something like that. Yeah, I used to go. I used to go before and after the games, your prayers parking lot when I was a kid and trying to get out of gas and talk to write plays and stuff. And even never catch bonds like he went My secret answers, But one game I've seen them come into the entrance. So I knew afterwards you believing that the same entrance in this right? And Basically He came out and, uh, him a laugh. So like everyone was kind of gone already. That would wait. And he just pulled up in a story and I was like I was like a 12 year old kid. Very concerns, Paul And he was like You looked at me, like pulled up with the robbery just looked at me. Like mugged me and just spin off. And so this is the guy. So this is the guy you're thankful for. Yeah, well, the guy I'm thanks for a person's status prayers. Okay. Honesty would that the end of story But I'm really thankful for is John Miller was, I think the greatest baseball broadcaster Okay? I don't know. It sold out and I was like I didn't even know you were standing bodies was like there's a cool caught on. He just started talking me about baseball like No, That's my jersey and just awesome, and I just never forgot that and just Go ahead. I think John Miller's Today this and Bond is the bass player there. They both in Hall of Fame and honor. Thanks. Thank you, Mike for calling up from San Jose. I'm glad there was a nice end of that story. I'm just like Barry Bonds treated you like a jerking. You know, he's you're thankful for him. And then he gave the piece about Miller leave from Monsanto. Your CBS Sports radio.

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