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What's up nerds clippers in an old one whole who needs to step up for la to get them back in the series the best player on the team. When's playoff rondo. Gonna show up because the answer is neither one of those two doesn't. That's not who needs to step up the max kellerman show eighty eight say. Espn eight seven to nine. Three seven seven six going to get to the clippers and jazz and nets and bucks in a few minutes. First time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk. Wireless suns take a two. Oh series lead over denver. I thought the nuggets to be able to steal a game at phoenix and my prediction in the beginning of the series was denver in seven. Because i thought even without jamal murray. That's a deep enough team. Deep enough back court expecting will barton back that they'd be able to win a game on the road defend court and win the series but they dropped both at least the first two games on the road to the sons and the second game last was did not bode well. It doesn't bode well. for denver. game one was an interesting game. And i thought now i see border junior can score and they have what they need. Game to porter. Jr. was not a reliable second option at all. Yokich did his thing. What twenty three twenty four points. Double digit boards bunch of assists. Didn't play the fourth quarter. You know and had a big game. He had no help the andrea and did his thing again. Both ends of the floor is a good player. But but you jamal murray. If jamal murray was on this denver team i think they'd represent the west in the finals. He's not but as i said deep back court right but look what happens porter. jr. who had his backdraft at the end of game one clearly. And this is why jerry west passed on him twice. Stephen as pointed out on. I take this why he slipped in the draft. Because of the back you know. I guess the the the medical report scared teams and had them say okay. We can't be too. You know mesmerized by offensive talent. Because my god does he have offensive talent michael porter jr. and in game one it showed itself and it helped the nuggets but in game two just wasn't there because he clearly wasn't healthy. That's the first thing. The second thing is will barton finally gets back from the from the hamstring but that affects the rotation. it affects guys minutes so not only does will barton have to be reintegrated into the team. And he's not playing up to his usual standards. But it affects like aaron gordon who had a bad game in his pivotal player for this team like the gordon. Trade is what made me think. Oh my god jamal. Murray and yokich. With gordon and porter jr. and the depth and the back court. This team can really do something but aaron. Gordon didn't have a good game. And i think that's partly related to barton's minutes. You didn't have fifteen or sixteen minutes will barton but that affects the rotation. The question is michael malone coach. Make the right choice. I'm not second i guess. I am second guessing. I'm not saying He made a bad decision. Because it's a dilemma. The real definition of dilemmas. Not a tough choice. It's a choice between two bad options. So what are your options. You have to integrate will barton if you you're gonna need 'em thin especially without jamal. Murray at some point that is likely usually the team when you get that peace back that first game. It's kind of rough. So do you do that on the road. Do you do that. At home. and porter. Jr. in retrospect maybe you should have sat him out game two so he be more fully for a game three because now who knows. Maybe he's not good for the rest of the series and if that's the case the nuggets have no shot. Chris paul of course not only was seventeen points and fifteen assists no turnovers booker with eighteen and ten ten boards but seventeen fifteen assists no turnovers and listen to chris. Paul on the andrea eaten at the post game. Presser ask for more from somebody like him. I hate he guards. He runs rebounds. He does everything he literally been. I repeat in the postseason of no. You can't ask for more than chris. Paul chris. Paul is passing scoring assisting leading timing. He knows when to score. Went to be a pass first guy. But he's also upping big the former number one overall pick. who is. he's not a bus eight of course. Not but if you had to redo that draft would he go. I know you go first. When he goes second. Probably trae young though second right. I mean he wouldn't go first. So that guy. Deondraye eytan chris. Paul is not only influencing. I'm sure in practices and behind the scenes but then in public sitting down and boosting him upping him which increases his confidence and is and the feeling has like the way he can feel himself by saying. He's obviously chris. Paul is their mvp. So far or devon booker but deondraye eight. And when chris paul gives him all the credit. It's another example of chris paul's leadership and at this point his career experience. Now listen to. Michael malone nuggets head coach about what happened to his team in game two so one team that wanted to be here and play with a purpose and urgency and once in the did not want to be here in play with no urgency And that's why we got her ask. What else do you feel in good. After this loss coach i felt. We quit tonight Which is something you never wanna see So i guess game three. I'm just going to try to find guys that at least go out there and leave it all on the line. I may have a hard time coming up with five guys at fill that but these games these second half of never really been disappointing. And that's an understatement. I look i respect. Mike malone a lot. I think he's an excellent coach. And i think he's trying to push teams buttons right. That's why you call them out like that. I didn't see a team that quit. I saw team that got buried and coach has to take some responsibility for that again. A dilemma choice to bad options. A choice between two options. This is no good. And that's no good you if you don't play puerto junior how're you gonna win and you got to reintegrate will barton at some point but do you save will barton. Maybe for the home game because that first game used a rough when you try to bring peace back if it were me. In retrospect seeing how bad porter's back clearly was. In retrospect the idea would have been to sip porter out. I still you play barton because you want to get that first game over with but you sip porter out so that four-game game three. He's the closest version to his real self that he could possibly be because now you may have a continued compromised porter jr. going forward and you're in a must-win game three. You're you got altitude at denver. You're down two games to none. You must win game three and you're going to need porter to be himself in game three if you wanna win without jamal murray and i do think though that they will win game three. I think that that. Aaron gordon not going to have another game like that that reintegrating barton has now at least that first game. It's usually worse before it gets better lakers fans think about when i came back sometimes it takes a couple of games though right but but denver and have a couple of games meantime. The sun's look like the team. I thought they'd be when the seasons before the season started. Once they brought chris poland and drake jae crowder. They were eight knowing. The bubble with devon booker is their best player without chris. Paul now you're talking about chris. Paul with devon booker in the back court became bridges and jae crowder in the front court with the andrea at center and he goes from the biggest question mark on the team to a reliable young athletic guy who can score the ball and defend the other teams. Big even when. That team has an elite. Big like you're not gonna stop yokich deondraye and especially in game one did about as good a job as you can on yokich. And he made life difficult for a d. in the previous series. I mean if you wanna test big and his resolve in the playoffs.

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