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Because i was i was watching the two thousand eleven draft is what i do draft week i watched the old drafts and boy were those with run on those quarterbacks horrendous and i was like mike's gotta have one that he's that's he wakes up at night being like damn i really shouldn't have said that about jamarcus russell or whoever else jamarcus russell but i but two guys that at of all picks in all the years i've done at the bother me more than anything 'cause i kind of went against who i am and that's johnny manziel in blaine gabbert they're the two that that i wake up screaming at three in the morning like how scoop it or you yeah and you know the manville thing was i really liked the state and i'll still stand by my evaluation of steak but the closer we got to the draft the more i was kinda getting catching the buzz of johnny manziel he's gonna be fran tarkenton and everybody else rolled into one and i'm like hey i liked having a couple of beers in college what's big deal but a couple of years you know and and that to me the quarterback is all about the face of the franchise and being a leader i talked myself into johnny menzel and and and it was stupid and i it might even impact the way i look at baker mayfield a little bit this year beyond the blaine gabbert thing is the other one and i had in my note i've come down and pocket don't trust doesn't trust pocket.

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