Broncos, Chiefs, Vic Fangio discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Now with my rice as the Broncos put patriots in the rear view Now they've gotta focus on the Chiefs. Fisher will guys the Chiefs are coming to town for Sunday's game. And while Broncos coach Vic Fangio will take the win over New England, he knows they had trouble finishing drives with touchdowns. He's the answer is we just weren't able to convert on third down, but Your 1st 2nd down place play a lot into your third down place and we need to be better at 32 3. We haven't been good at that all year really Looks like the Broncos will get even healthier this week. Defense of Lime and Draymond Jones and DeMarcus Walker should be back at practice. They could play Sunday against Casey. There's a chance No, a fan, A J boy. KJ Handler could practice this week as well. Broncos Chiefs coverage starts Sunday morning at eight on K. Away kickoff it to 25. The chief's beat the Bills 26 17 Yesterday. Kansas City is five and one cardinals over the Cowboys, 38 to 10 in Dallas. Tyler Murray of the Cardinal's threw two touchdown passes and scored on the ground as well. The Cardinals are foreign to, but Murray says they can play even better running background well along.

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