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It's ten 53, get ready to step into real live video games where losing is half the fun. Meet the bomb is now open in the ivy city neighborhood of northeast D.C.. If you found the world's craziest team game, it's a one hour challenge where teams of four to 6 players suit up in hazmat gear and you advance together through 5 high-tech immersive video game rooms. Marketing director michonne Vanessa says teams play games like hack attack, laser maze, echo chamber, and floor grid before entering the bomb room. You have to work together to drive this robot to hit different targets or else you get blasted by 50 gallons of paint or foam. It's hitting your body. It's vibrant. It's neon. It is absolutely epic. It doesn't hurt, don't worry, nothing's gonna get on your clothes. Jason Frey led me news. And it's the simple pleasures that matter most to a former drug kingpin free after 34 years in prison. Criminal justice reform and Tony Lewis determined son helped him get out. Oh, it feels wonderful, man. It feels just magnificent. Now he's relishing freedom by enjoying the little things in life. Spending time with my son and my granddaughters like we've been taking them to school together, picking them up from school together. Tony junior spent years battling for his dad's freedom, arguing that he paid his debt to society for the nonviolent crime. Life without parole was not a fair sentence for him. Already, Tony senior has lined up a job as a construction manager and is looking forward to helping others in the years ahead. Particularly on WTO P news. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. Here's Frank hanrahan. Ben's final four right now, Yukon

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