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These he's told her law tom to worded shall two thousand seventy knbr san francisco skis he's these sports leader now back to john lund and former giant cabin forensic sitting in for tub on these sports leader while you're it yet is under federal backup lacks the growth of the metal intercepted by equally now the far side of the forty two birmingham knock them oil kikwit david bryant hoyer said about the whole way hoyer never ever williams whoa that was woman kicked off the second half the key gleaner cepsa made it 27 frontend to purposes ballgame over we'll get into that over years performance cycle at some of the other quarterbacks round the league as well plus adrian peterson returning to minneapolis minnesota tonight so well we'll get into a sage rosenfels foam on twitter at sage rosenfels says here that he is a former twelve year nfl quarterback the journeyman backup kind the writer for the score editor locked on vikings bike i happen to know david locke really well so there you go and i'm sure he's great at that as well but i also on the respect is a former nfl quarterback and show up near sign and he joins us now craissati whom a guess on how are you i'm doing very well i think the you know the journeymen backed up quarterback there thumper about that description that sort of a lot to you know i it will world travelers but yet he is trying to hate them the nfl for twelve years that that is also a twelve years in the nfl good for you i love that uh i i did my best but after twelve years they finally figured out that i can't play at all of it could be out though i wish i wish i could i wish i would still apply in your breathing i came out the stain your i'm a euro old europe but we came out the.

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