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Left four soldiers dead it is really eyes guns or a viable determined that computers aren't causes damn thing just went on the blink we get it back all fill un and so as i said when it comes to their schools their schools are protected by welltrained armed teachers when terrorist attack a school and milat 1974 israel did not declare every school a gunfree zone it passed a law mandating armed security in schools provided weapons training to teachers and today runs frequent active shooter drills is any of that done in any schools in america even only to school shooting since then and both of ended with teachers killing the terrace now this is a little too sophisticated for jimmy kimmel and for steve colbert and for deliverance boy and for abc nbc cbs news there can continue to push slowleft left progressive agenda when it comes to the sta so there's really two issues on the table as far as i'm concerned that need to be resolved we have school districts said a largely run by the left which reject things by work and we have a media democrat party complex that rejects things at work and so they explode every single major network news report last night talked about how donald trump was effectively responsible because he did away with one of the obama regulations on mental health they don't tell yet how in any instance this case or any other instance how that specifically led danny anything they don't care and then the second part of this is a complete failure and it really does tear my heart to say this by the fbi a complete failure when you're brought the name of an individual when you're brought information by somebody who knows the individual telling you this individuals a serious threat that they have weapons that are talking about shooting kids at schools and it's the second report when you have a bell bondsman in september prior showing the fbi a tweet maybe it was a youtube in which the same individual using his name not a fake name not a false night using his own may says he wants to become caught a professional school shooter portugal out immediately he should be visited he should be monitored all the gun shops in the community should be checked to see what he bought.

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