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I know there are listeners because they told me there are listeners but people who wanted to make sure that i was okay which i thought was really sweet as though there were many categories of an unfair and out there and everyone's it wasn't even like have you seen this but like are you still breathing like are you okay and i was really touched by that concern and i wish i had definitive answer the question i got azt over and over again which is whether or not we know if sir carter is sir carter carter certain carter cardinals is our call sir cardinals carter i don't have the ad there that rewind but as soon as i i don't have a plug the source of our and i got any sense before he would also learn how to earlier because you asked for the birth certificate we could find the burst of it but her car go because she had an instagram caption she was like no embarrassing cirque carter and rooming listen not room ian sir carter okay game of thrones is back i episode was a fire but all i have to say is like our stark artist dark our word all i have i am so hype for the character of arias stark who is one of the main characters on the show who's basically out for blood this season and she's just so feisty in a little assassin and it's like i'm just so here for it so as now her winter has arrived oh it is it is a here yes okay in other news even diversity released the first teaser trailer from her adaptation of wrinkle in time and it looks like a james to rally in late installation and there is a cameo with oprah looking like a you know like did you ever to the smithsonian your younger and get free right ice cream and was the most exciting thing in the world you could ever eat okay over looks like a piece of free like a freeze dried space that like she looks so good it's a very exciting to me they're here for that okay the last thing on my list though is.

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