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A lot of takes would have been really fun. Yes. Agree. All right. What did we miss actually at that game, Hank in New York. Which one game? Seven. Yeah. Game seven lucky you. How about that? Not to brag, which to tweet, what did we miss? So I left one off intentionally that would have been an all time moment, but I actually like would have been a terrible moment the Bartman incident because people would have had is dress like instantly. Like I mean, they did pretty quickly, but it would have been what's like it was bad. It would have been so. So what's the opposite of getting milkshake duck though? Like what if somebody had discovered St., Barbara's, actually, really good guy after they already hated him, but you know how Twitter axe like Twitter would have had everything it would have been found his read it already bad. It would have been way worse. So I intentionally left that off for that reason, Gilbert arenas Avars Clinton incident. That's a good one, solid one off of your second pick or I pick Tyson Douglas would have been unbeliev. Yes, knocked out. He gets like upset basically in boxing history. What about Hitler's? Death? Hitler's death would have. That woulda made Summa's death looked like a walk. You would've done a pair of scope Hitler, I think. Yeah, I think you'd probably have to that. That's a good question. For Jack at Twitter, if Hitler was Paris, coping himself, killing himself. Would you have taken that down? No, he well Jack, Jack with let all the Nazis beyond Twitter, Jack, you gotta it's freedom of speech. You got to hear both sides. I had Lakers kings game seven, two thousand two, but he was. He would've suspended Hitler for attacking Hitler. Yes, exact- for his beliefs. Yes. Lakers Lakers kings game seven. Two thousand two would have been awesome. Oh yeah, that's Donna would have been going nuts. What about. Magic Johnson's press conference. Magic Johnson's press conference band on the field man on the field, Woody Hayes, ching punching or choking Bobby Knight. Throwing a chair, yes. So many like sports moments. Oh, ooh, Valentine. Bobby Valentine. Coming back to the clubhouse, Robin Ventura and Nolan Ryan getting into that fight. Yes. Oh my God. If that had happened when Twitter was around, he would have gotten crying Jordan put on his face and crying Jordan hand even happened yet. Yes, that's how powerful the moment that would be John chainey Junchao party press conference. When Johnny came in and I'll fucking kill you, I'll kill you. Really affect the entire nineteen Eighty-six Mets off season. Buckner that would have been an unbelievable moment. That Mets off season would make the capital's Stanley Cup celebration, girl scout look like they were just like pre gaming? Yeah, it falls into the like technically Twitter existed, but the decision, the first decision doesn't then Yoda hilarious. That was too early for like real Twitter. I totally agree, man, mankind undertaker when he threw him off the the cell that was pretty pretty damn. Cool. Yeah. I think I mean, Joe thighs monds leg in broke, Joe. Yup. Vince Carter dunk on France, that would have been an all time gifts and everything going around who's aching Saco having the ball bounce off his head for a home run. Yup. Yup. That would have been mazing. So the best part about this one is we probably missed a million. Uh-huh. And you can tweet us part my take. I feel like this is one of the most open ended mount Rushmore, and we we did leave out a pretty big one. That was the console report coming out the Ken Starr report on on President Clinton because it doesn't even you live ninety eight ninety nine. You were live. Yeah. Yeah. That thing that thing was like as as thick as the bible and every single page contains some hilarious little hijacked off to. Oh, yeah, dude, big Boehner. Are you serious house? Yeah. Why? Where did you read it? Where would you scoop in the Washington Post? Yeah. Early internet. Yeah, yeah, it was awesome. So very cool..

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