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A one word picture book titled fuck the human odyssey and stuff memoir about clearing out his late parents house which was long listed for the two thousand and six samuel johnson award in two thousand and one ken livingston appointed melting cartoonist laureate for london in exchange for one point of london pride per annum. Are you still that. No specific went from when he was voted out of office to pines that well. Hopefully someone veil and in twenty seventeen. A full-page editorial inspired by one of martin's golden cartoons a the daily mail described him and his work quote disgusting the ranged sick and offensive congratulations. He has come onto my tombstone. Daily mail written after it like a fear to review he three terms as vice president. The zoological society of london lives in southeast london and has still collecting taxidermy litter. Yes we're also joined by lissa evans official friend of the show and as we said the original guest. This is her six and a half that listed appearance. She was on our very first show for years ago for jail calls a month in the country. Our thirty fifth and thirty six shows which was a combination of two episodes on patrick hamilton. And then a drunken mini cost on lincoln and the bardo but not no one can remember any of it. Even though it's on the internet are seventieth episode on chelsea dickens. His great expectations are seventy eighth episode on ghosts by water. Which was our halloween episode in. Twenty eight hundred and of course. Last year's priest m-a-s-s special recorded at the london library which is one hundred and eight episodes and instantly. That episode is the most popular episode. Battling is so that leads me to ask you. Have you finished reading.

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