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To basically try to contain the fire. And, of course, keeping in mind that the priority is the life and safety of our community Residents. Hernandez says the red flag warning issued signaling dry how conditions in the area this weekend is a concern. For NPR News. I'm Amy Mustafa Ah Federal judge yesterday temporarily blocked President Trump's ban on the popular video sharing APP. Tick talk. It was supposed to take affected midnight. Lawyers had argued the prohibition infringed on the free speech and due process rights of some 100 million American users. The judge granted a preliminary injunction to keep the van from going into effect. The Trump Administration says the Chinese owned APP is a national security risk. This is NPR news. A federal appeals court yesterday stopped a provision from going into effect that would have allowed Wisconsin voters an extra six days for their absentee ballots to be counted. A district court judge had rolled last month that balance that arrive as late as November. 9th could be counted as long as they're postmarked by November, 3rd. Now the appeals court has overturned that decision. Democrats had sought the extra time because they expect an historic high number of absentee ballots this year. Swiss voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposal by a right wing party to end a major immigration accord with the European Union, Lisa Schlein reports. The right wing Swiss People's Party argued that too many foreigners were coming into Switzerland putting strains in the environment and taking advantage of the country's social security system, however, only for Switzerland's 26 states. Voted to scrap the two decade old deal with EU opponents, including the government and the country's business community successfully argued that the anti immigration bill would lead to a shortage of skilled workers and plunge the Swiss economy into recession. While conceding defeat. Backers of the proposal vowed to continue to fight for the country and take back control of immigration. For NPR News. I'm Lisa Schlein in Geneva, Authorities say 16 people died yesterday after being trapped in a coal mine in southwestern China that had excessively high levels of carbon monoxide. One person was rescued and taken to a hospital. I'm Nora Rahm NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation for more than 90 years, supporting efforts to promote it just equitable and sustainable society. Maur and ma dot or GE and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Hello. This is the history our with Max Pearson this week. With elections looming in the US, we go back 20 years to the saga of the hanging chads. We joined Nelson Mandela on an emotional visit to Detroit in 1990, In her own words, how Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf secured her country's vital debt write down 10 years ago on the Galileo mission to Jupiter, a stepping stone to the future. We begin in Iraq, a country which is hardly having the best of times right now confronted as it is, with the almost perfect storm of insurgency, corruption on the Corona virus pandemic. And sadly for the Iraqi people. This comes after several decades of turbulence, which has seen Iraq war with its neighbours infiltrated by Isis on occupied by foreign forces. And it's an incident from that period of foreign occupation that we're highlighting. On September 16th 2007 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians were killed in central Baghdad by American security guards employed by the US private security company, Blackwater. Shooting led to a surge in anger against the ongoing U. S occupation. Among the dead was a nine year old boy, Ali Kinani Michael engine has been speaking to the boy's father Mohammed, about the terrible events of that day. Tell me a little bit about Ali. What was he like? My son, Holly, Like every kid's.

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