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You know, but you still have to kind of put the brakes on when you're going, wait a minute. I don't think that's a direction, you know. Yes. It is a fine line. You don't want to that. Really shitty idea. No, no, we're pretty because we were dealing with real professionals people who are talented, but even more important than that Lou. I was surrounded by people who were passionate about this project and not just writers and not just David Granada. But I mean, even the session players we brought him we worked with three drummers Java Simmons from sugar Shak span is all over. Thobe fed who is with the needs hotel bid mentioned Joel's Granada eat Arthur's made a cameo appearances a great young guitar player. Play with live at lot shirl renovate plays guitar on the record. So great. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I love Sherwood. She's a dear friend, you know. So I brought in these cameo players, and and ask them to pour their hearts into it. And they did. So it was a real blessing. And really it sounds great guys. I mean, you check out the rest of the album love less than other, which is a great title. So why don't we tell why don't you and tell everybody what the next maybe six maybe next six to twelve months looks like for you, John. What do you what do you have coming up in the next six two year? Tell being gets back to work next week, and we're going to record as singles we're going to record a few new songs and. And then primarily my focus. Besides some performances, and I'm involved with a great organization called band together, Pittsburgh together with Ronnie Moondog Esser, we we meant to her and we create and we support kids on the autism spectrum through music programs. We have monthly open stages where you know, folks with autism come and they perform, and they have fun, and we have drum circles. And of course, we have big Blue's festival in July, which benefits the autism society and band together. So all that's like normal stuff. But for me, the big big focus in the fall is going to be a stage play, which is a result of this album, the same title, love, lust and other wreckage a stage performance written by Amy Hartman. Who's a well known playwright and the music is is what spun this whole idea in this concept, and it's the story of a musician. Who struggles between his incredible love and passion towards music and his ability to maintain and create and actually have a real relationship with human being and it's going to be a dark comedy. But there's gonna be some really serious elements the story, and that's going to be I think timber thirteenth fourteenth at the oaks theater in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, the oaks, theatres an awesome place. If you don't know about it for from Pittsburgh, they they're all there's always doing always doing cool events there. So you can you can find them online suspect of finding stuff online John tell people about your like your website where they can keep up with everything's coming out. They don't miss anything because you have a lot going on. Yeah. John Vento dot com. The MTO John Vento dot com. I also John van to music on Facebook and John dente music on Instagram and Spotify been very good to me, and it's rainbows and lightning. If you weeks ago was number eighteen on I tunes up in Canada that was cold. And of course, with the needs attell ban. We have a lot of great stuff happening in. I e DS needs hotel band dot com.

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