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CORRECT CHECK IT OUT GUYS. Cool and then Follow us on twitter at teach me at called US Caldwell Addy Extras. Emily Achy her. Which is Jake and you can tweet about the show using HASHTAG NAD by any DP od. Don't and now. It is time to thank our Benevolent Council of Elders. We've got Brad D Dylan be Danny peace deal. Breaker and Samuel be bubbles the bone cats brothers and sisters not one of this critter litter was able to live a second life as a skeleton but Jay Lomas actually did come back as Hairball for a little bit. So that was good beard man. Dan Adam are Danielle. The Dastardly Dame Allahu card and the UN dead Incinerator Creek balloons who've been crossbreeding with manner flies in the grandma tree honestly. Their offspring is going to have enormous terrifying yet. Perfect Teeth Halder froth-pak Jordan Dj. Jeffrey S Cutter W and Andrew M PENDER. Greens new troll friends. Now that they're not filled with bloodlust. They are actually pretty. Rad So rad that there are actually thinking about starting band even though they all play drums. But that's going to be fine Schubert. The Mushroom Elena. See Michael McDermott. The head mixologist. Victor T. Balladur dollars boy and Michael. See a bunch of frost doors who are still ducks but are way too happy about it. Because they're just living that Mallard life and they're not going back. Okay Justin I. Jacob See Elena M Dana G. and Paul g the.

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