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Consumption. How we consume. And whether or not they're a trans associated with it. So has it changed for you? Has it not changed for you? Do you think that as long as people drink responsibly that it's okay 1 308 100 people to text 0437774774 and then called out on text, VT. You need to get a quiet a mouse. We can hear you clicking away. That's okay. I don't mind that you can hear me clicking. I'm working in here. I thought the clicking was you stretching your back, says Tim. Watch it. Virginia tree Ali this on text You just keep clicking away. Virginia. Keep pushing those buttons. Go, girl. Well, Roger, who thank you very much. I have no option but to click those buttons. If I don't click the buttons in the whole thing falls apart. Virginia Tree Ali Weekday mornings from 8 30 on ABC Radio Milburn. 308 100 Trouble too, or Texas on 0437774774 is the number to call is we take a look at our alcohol consumption us As Australians Do we drink more? Do we drink list? What are your thoughts just anecdotally. Do you prefer not to drink anymore? Or do you think you just fine as you are? It's all up to you. 1 308 100 Trouble. Two is the number to call I've got it takes. The Catherine says I was a functioning alcoholic. I drank a bottle of alcohol a day. For years and years. It was just costing me too much and on. I got busy at work and had to give up. I went about two years dead side without a drop. Now I'd have a drink. Maybe once every six months or so I'm just on certain occasions which against people go through different trends like that. Katarina because he's saying they're functioning alcoholic. Have you taken a look at what is considered to be an alcoholic? So yeah, There are questions that are asked about alcohol use, and it's things like you know whether people need alcohol to get up in the morning where the alcohol's impacting on their lives, in addition to how much people are drinking, and that's what's looked at. When we're looking at alcohol used to sort of And actually in Australia. Alcohol is the main reason that people access alcohol and other drug treatment facilities, so it's the main drug of concern across the country. Texted. This is after a hot day, You can stick your beer and you can stick your cafe latte and I'll have a beer. Thanks. The minute we saying that people should not drink? It's just to take a look at research wise, the amount that we drink and why we drink. Yeah. The god lines on the alcohol. Um, recommend that for healthy men and women that people drink no more than four standard drinks on one occasion. Or 10 standard drinks in awake. We're certainly not saying that no drinking eyes the way to go. We're just saying that Unless you drink the lower your risk of harm and that there are lots of people who were negatively impacted by alcohol. And this is what happens when we talk about alcohol. We don't have to have a conversation about all or nothing, but we need to be able to have a conversation. And without judgment and without, you know, it's self reflection. Oh, sorry with self reflection and being able to reflect on others in our communities. Well, I don't know what they will get so defensive to be perfectly all its Katarina Street offensive when you start to talk about alcohol consumption. Yeah, I think it's because it's something that the majority of the country does. And so you can't talk about alcohol use without someone having an experience. It's very, very interesting, because obviously we hear these quite a beach. Um, that we really do need to be able to have a conversation about it. Let people know where they can go for help and support but also to address stigma. Trevor if we're not talking about risky alcohol use and saying, you know, it's not your fault where we've actually got an environment where there's Not so the alcohol everywhere and everything's pushing people to drink at riskier levels. So it's okay if you put your hand up and say it's too much for me and I need help. That's one of the main reasons why we have to be able to have this conversation wanted to get bored. I mean, good morning, I drink for fun in my twenties, and I'm now in my fifties. I thought that isn't fun anymore. Such it's time to it anymore. I feel so much better. I don't miss it. I wonder if that again the idea of your graph. Yeah, I think it's different parts of people's lives. So the way you socialize, my change. You know the things that you enjoy. You might change that. The things that are important to you my change and certainly, ah, lot more people want to feel healthier. Which is a big driver in these I mean alcohol's just another drug. So it could be the editorial TOC Rag is in general for many people is that it's something you might experiment you might do, and then you grow out off in certain ages as well. Yeah, it certainly could be a with alcohol. We know it's one of those things that does hang around, but certainly across people's lives. The way that people use alcohol changes based upon your friends, what you're doing what your responsibilities are What your family members are saying to you all of those different things a taxi or go to calls in Just one second. A treatment is drinking relevant to what your parents do it so That idea off watching and learning from, um from the surroundings, whether or not be through peers or three parents absolutely true about so one thing that's really important is that the uncle guidelines were updated in December. On day made very clear that for people under 18, they should be knowing alcohol use little. And while that sounds that common sense Still this notion by parents some parents that the best thing they can do is introduce alcohol to someone in their teen years. And actually, what we know from all of the evidence is that Earlier that people have that first drink in the earlier that our colleagues introduced into someone five, the more likely they are to drink it risky levels, So the best thing that a parent can do is to do all they can to support their young people in their lives to not drink alcohol, and the other thing is too. Model behaviors where alcohol isn't used to do things like cope with stress or anxiety. So not walking in the door after a stressful day and saying things like I need a drink. Um and not having moods or the way that people are change after they have a dream, because those sorts of things young people say they're really do you see, and I really do notice from a very young age. Texted, saying, My brother lost his wife. Two Children won't talk to him. He lost his job. Two houses, his job, his driver's license, and it's been in hospital for three months, and according to him, he has no problem. Welcome to Australia. Uh, that takes I'll come back to that in a minute. Hell I make Hey, How you doing? That good thing? I'm sorry I didn't catch against Katarina. Katarina. Hey, guys, There's a friend of born um Here's your.

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