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He's not the head of this oil company Patrick's he is only an executive and he sold them on this idea India because it sounds like he bribed Nixon before Nixon was kicked out of the White House. Hey show me some of the photos of this fog Nass that we have going going on here in the South Pacific and sure enough. It always has the same density which would imply that there's some kind of emission going on. That could be the oil. Yeah I love this. Because they're saying oh it's because of Oil Jeff Bridges as Jack who has snuck onto the boat. He's being caught and found out and brought in here they. He thinks he's like no. It's large animals. Just breathing real heavy. It's just co two surrounding the island. And I want to ask which one is right. I don't know that we ever have the theory. Proven or disproven but I don't see cong- coughing up smoke like when he goes to New York. There's no fog mass following him. Every don't see a lot of other large judge animals on this island. There's a giant snake. And that's it. I believe that it's called undoing. It and we see a giant snake. GotTa assume there's other giant animals there where you calling has been alive for four hundred years. Well that's my question is is calling for four hundred years or I mean we're gonNA find out in the sequel that there's somewhere a giant lady cong- but is this a four hundred year old ape or are there giant apes other than him on on that island then having baby giant apes. Yeah I think we can save some of this for next week but I do know that in the original script conception bridges character actor has a line about how he got some of this information from a ship's log that Rome is suppressing. Yeah there's a line about the Vatican suppressing stuff. Vincent was a whole lot about that. They would actually have a Vatican library as one of the characters on this boat. Dino thought that was too confusing I actually think it's kind of cool and conspiratorial I. I think he could've worked. No that is the stuff that I gravitated to this film. Is this weird oil setting. Yeah that the pope is suppressing information about King Kong. Give me more of that. Yeah I feel like you could have done something with that but dino said no so it just ends up being this one off line let me be the center. That's confusing as hell. Why would the Vatican one a Haida guerrilla woah? Because the Catholics are behind. All the conspiracies. Exactly just it plays into the notion that the Catholics want to control the conversation. Evolution in general is something that threatens them and so if there was this missing link man or anything really about a giant APE. They wouldn't like it. They don't like dinosaurs either. That's a bridge too far. I'm glad they kept it Outta here. You know simple is good for a movie like this. Well it makes it for a certain audience and you happen to be audience at the time you first saw this well. He didn't see this part though. Exactly I don't know that somebody my age would even tolerate this movie enough to you. Get to the eight. That's what I'm saying this is very seventies. We're just GONNA have a lot of people standing around talking. It's got that seventy slow pace exposing myself. Like I guess I've just that seventy avenue slow paced guy. I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing I'm just saying that's a thing of the seventies. I've always liked the buildup Kong. I talk about it with nineteen thirty three. I don't mind signed. It takes forty five minutes. I don't think that the movie is all about the APE. I think some of it is about enjoying the tropes of discovering mythical island that just as a concept the idea that there's something in the fog all of that just builds an atmosphere in anticipation that I like. I like a slow build. It depends on the payoff. I guess which will have to wait eight four nine well whatever. I think of the theatrical movie which I'll save for the end it is a strong not recommend for the TV version because the hour and forty five minutes getting to the island is interminable. I watched it in one sitting but I felt like I needed to walk away from it because I was so board from the journey. There believe me it takes a long time to get to the and the theatrical cut too but after watching the TV cut it felt l.. Downright fleet interesting idea that the other Kong Universal Kong had help with this problem will label it a problem. It is an issue anyway. We've how long do we delay Kong was since they were going off the book they were like well. We can create our own stuff about what the island was like. They actually had a whole prologue. It wouldn't be a mystery. You would see Kong. I you would see life on the island and calling on that island. And that was the concept they liked and at one point they were talking about merging with Dino's movie and Deena was like No. There's only one Gong my calm and they couldn't do that but I do know. Some of the thought at the time time was that we did need to show the up front and just make him the main character. I like the build up of the mystery to me. It's more suspenseful to creep up up through the fog to this beach to the tribe to the gate. I like that step by step process. Yeah I'm digging kind of the way they're going until doin shows up. It is so bizarre. Did the yard. She was on crash because they were all watching porn. Like were they not paying attention. No I think it was the storm but they were all below deck watching deep throat. She was the only one who could get into a lifeboat. Because I guess they were having a circle jerk if you WANNA seventies Kong here you go porn in it deep throat. I mean it is Kinda great that no it is so bizarre. I'm digging it. I kind of love the fact that she just floats in like there is something. Surreal about it. And since his movies going to take many more surreal turns later it. It kind of eases us in to the absurdity of it all and so the fact that yes she is not of this mission and Jeff Bridges character is not of this mission. But that they've we've kind of glommed onto which that you have the oil mission and then you have the paleontologist and then you have this woman that just wants to be a star and all their destinies kind of get get wrapped up in this mythical island to me makes it more fun. The only thing I wish I could see and Arnie I'm guessing it's not in the extended cut is. The storm destroyed that other boat or established that maybe Cong- destroyed the body. I mean it's unsatisfying to be like Oh yeah there were some other boat and we know because she's carrying a book of matches like I WanNa see the boat blow up and I think that might have helped. Maybe some people be more excited in the beginning. Yeah there's nothing I don't think they ever even cast other people on that boat. The whole the thing is doin' floats in. But I'll say before we get to Doin. There are a lot of people on this boat that do help me stay interested. You know the main one is probably Rene Arbor Zhenhua who I know primarily from Benson. He would do that in the eighties Leeza. Then he'd go on to do star trek deep space nine as Oto and at this point in his career he was doing a lot of Robert Altman early seventies movies. He was a character actor that you would recognize Masher. This is Miller in addition to knowing who the actor is I like his character. Here as this chemist missed for the oil company. He's like a scientist but unlike Jack he's a scientist WHO's motivated to find oil and wants there to be oil and is almost as S. hungry for it as Charles Rodin's Fred and yet he'll have some funny comic relief once he finally get some samples of this stuff but I agree. I didn't see the value of him for many of these characters at first but he will get a really big laugh later and then we also have the captain of the boat who is going to not really the matter. But you've got John Randolph. Year character actor soon them in a billion things. Christmas vacation is my go-to but so many things he's been and in TV and film and he's amusing here where he's trying to tell Fred we don't want to go out now. There's a bad storm. And then when they're in the middle of the STORMIES MEES enticing Fred to Puke from seasickness as Egypt laughs. It off I wish that they had arc's I wish that they weren't just funny. Bits here at the beginning this captain and I feel like there was real room to do something very different in the middle of this movie since they weren't going to do dinosaurs and it could be maybe a little bit more hard to catch Cong- you could play with a little bit more of that. Include these characters in ways. I agree with you. These character actors are good but they don't make much of an impression. Yeah if this really was a disaster movie review that's the whole thing you have a bunch of different characters. And they all have their little problems an arch that they go through here. It's got that vibe of a disaster movie but it doesn't have that trope that's missing here and yeah. I agree because I do kind of like the setting slows. This is going. Yeah Roy swaggie scientists and Fred like I like these characters actors like watching them. It's taken a long time to get to the big ape. But they're entertaining me on this journey. Yeah that's the thing is. I agree with what you're saying Stewart. It would be nice if they had stuff to to do with calling and that would mean getting to the island earlier at spending less time I'm grasping onto what I can for entertainment here because the boat right right there is long. I agree with what you've said. I like the piercing of the fog. The exploration of the island. That's suspense. That could have been drawn out. There's there's not a whole lot of suspense. You know getting there is not half the fun when you set sail from America have to go all the way till you're near Singapore. All all of this time spent on the boat with Fred arresting Jack and accusing Jack of being from a competitive oil company. When JAKSA I don't even know to this day I watched this movie twice? Why is there? He's just a once again. Pictures a monkey primate expert in the original script. He had been the Vatican and got this librarian and they had gone. This ship had bought the map rather than promote. I think they just say. They bought it in some Indonesian shop. They bought their map or stole their map from the Vatican so he was chasing them from those secret archives to this doc but in this movie that we got in the final filmed form. He just like the Indiana Jones Paleontologists. He's got a sneak aboard a boat to try to find this mythical primate yeah primate yeah mate paleontologists like that's really like micro specific. I can.

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