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I recommend i love that mona matt as far as i'm concerned is probably the best on the market uh says of really high quality uh modem they used comcast you see uses modems and then they gone away from that to the real kind of a lower in one so uh okay fire thanks to our curiouser thank you by mena i'm telling you can you can mess with a lot of things we people don't mess with their internet connection are they ended as down i'm tanya messes up the whole day and i understand us everybody's all over the internet out there today to some so many things you can do on the internet and it's just gonna get better and better when you're out there i mean it's it's amazing all the stuff he can do and i think it's just were going to definitely get back much better all right echo facts we started talking about that a moment ago listen there's a the federal trade commission has kind of a little bit worried as a result of this situation in our and i won if you get nothing else out the show today this is one thing that i want you to get out of the show today and that is to be careful with people calling you or emailing you and asking for information and and the federal trade commission ftc there won't warning last week they put a little warning and says that they're expecting a new wave of impostor scams as a result of this equity facts breach and listen i i i'm just going say it there's a bunch of scum out there that i find any way they can to take advantage of you every time we have a natural disaster like a hurricane there's folks out there looking for ways to get that get that money and it's not going to go to the victims of the of these natural disasters in this case here the federal trade commission saying that um they're seeing are they the con outer cirque are posing as representatives of echo facts and they're calling you up they.

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