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Wisconsin Paella Now pay later talking about Buddy Jim Griffin. Jim, You always saying your ads, I'd love this. There's no better place to be. Why is that John and our dealerships? We just don't Sell cars. We sell people comfort and convenience and a fun environment to buy a car. The average car cost $33,500. That's a lot of money. It sure is. But what she got to realise is that every dealership pays the same for those vehicles. It's how we construction the deal to be affordable. It's all about the dealer giving them options and listening to the customers. Knees talked to him a little bit about The need to buy wisely and protect your investment. Well, first of all, you can't buy an emotion. It's really a time to sit down into an investigate and our salespeople are counselors. They aren't selling the car there, making sure that consumers getting put in the right vehicle visit Griffin, Ford, Walkinshaw, Griffin, Chevy and Griffins have Milwaukee Griffin, Ford, Lincoln, Fort Atkinson or Griffin, Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Jefferson. This's Jeff Wagner. Eight by 5612616 20. Jeff, You really want to take off your homeroom teacher Don't show up on school Count day that makes everybody mad. Yeah, the amount of money that school district's get is based on how many kids were in school or registered as of a particular day that the new numbers are out and this year 3% fewer Kids were enrolled in public schools in the previous year. Now some of that is is four and five K. Kindergarten 45 K where it's not required that the kids go to school, and parents were just voluntarily keeping the kids back. But AH, lot of the rest of that is people who are moving their kids from public school to private school. I believe the big reason for that is because Many of the public schools, the private by the private schools, the choice schools, etcetera, the parochial schools. They made a decision that they were going to be in person, not virtual. Learning. The question to me is, you know when and if the public schools come back, and I think that that is a big question. Who knows? She'll look at some of this stuff from some of these union leaders somewhere place across the country. They're saying they don't want They don't think that they should resume in person instruction in classrooms until after Cove. It is gone. And as we've talked about before, I don't know that we're ever gonna have Cove it gone. I think Cove it might be with us forever. Even after you get vaccines, at least if not forever with us for years and years in one fashion or another. Just like the flu is with us from year to year. And, yes, I know Cove. It isn't the flu. But I mean, are we really going to shut down schools in person instruction for for years because of concerns about covert, and if so, are parents going to put up with that? My answer would be no. Let's start with Mike on the Northwest side. I'm like Hi. Good afternoon, Jeff. My feelings are that people are going to public private school because the teachers there are actually teaching my kids wanna be virtually with them. I don't think that the people are that Aeryn Ah private, parochial schools. Now we'll ever quarterbacked the public because they think now, as I think my son went to a Catholic grade school and high school A lot of money, but it's well worth it. And I think that the Private and parochial. Education system cares more for the kids than they do in the public system. The public system seems to be carrying more for the teachers and the union of your senses. Once once the parents have have pulled the trigger and remove their kids from the public school system, you just don't think the majority of them are going to ever be coming back. I think that that's a big selling point. I think that they're going to see a big difference between the Relationship between the parents and the kids and the teachers than they do in the public schools. Public schools are more than teachers in the union. Okay, thanks. I'm sorry to cut you off like a 55612616 20. That's yakking it mortgage talk and text line. Jeff, I agree with your premise. We took our fifth grader from public school in Green Bay to the private Catholic system. We found there to be a big difference in re allege, occasional focus. We will not go back in that. That's an anecdotal thing. It's It's just, you know, In this case, it's It's one of the textures, but I think it's one of the things that that's driving that Jeff, You're not taking into account the parent's home schooling the families I know that have changed this year are all being home schooled. Not moving to parochial. Well, okay, then. Then you added homeschooling into that effect. I mean, Yes, the question becomes once you start doing the home schooling, And if you find that, alright, we've been successful with that are Are you going to go back and send the kids back into the public school system? Maybe you're more likely to if you've been homeschooling, But maybe if you find it works, you won't 85561616 20 is this It's something that's permanent. Or is it just a blip and the reason I bring it up is because it's a big deal. I mean, you You lose 3% Even with all those little caveats that I'm talking about, you know you lose 3%. And if it's if that continues, you know you lose 3% this year Lose 345% next year lose another 345% next year. You're starting to talk. Big numbers. Roger in Milwaukee High Roger. You're until BT M. J. I'm well, Thank you. What do you think? I think that you are Not taking into consideration the economic impact family. I do agree that and then lose them. You consulted schools, public and private public schools that lost a number of students issue and a lot of them went to the school. But I'm both sides of the ledger. We are Planning for students to leave that private school back Republic sometime period this year if looks over them up. I actually probably two thirds will go back to the public school. And it will be some little. Wow. I like this education. Just better. Oh, I like snow. Clash. Whatever reason will stay in the private school. Why do you think they're going to go back?.

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