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Was that in and then it cut off? And that's one of my favorite song. Wow. In the ghetto by Elvis serious as a snowflakes could singer is. She is I'm sorry that that song. Cut out the has brought there very abrupt there. I want a little more there from her by the way, I saw this from Pat forty he tweeted Hugh freeze has joined the former Baylor athletic director at liberty university and pad forty says this is the new halfway house for scandal. Refugee. Pat Brennan, bringing some noise there. It's true. It's true. Bringing a little noise there. Everybody is somehow going to sign the fifth ranked quarterback in the country at high school. Yeah. Some isn't that one that amazing that Mississippi was getting all of these guys? Hey, look, Juan Treadwell can DJ. One of the guy, and he was just, but then you started to hear whispers in the coaching community. They're like, yeah. You know, how they were getting those guys. And like, no tell me they're like. Probably. Padding their Bank accounts or something probably giving them something went, okay? I mean, I'm not surprised, but it was like all of a sudden ole miss was getting everybody like getting all the number one recruits, and you're going how's that happening? It's all miss. How do we Mississippi that right away? Thank you, John. Thank you. Appreciate that. They got Tunsil DJ Treadwell. These are all like top ten guys in that class. And all of a sudden Hugh freeze got him. And then he went how'd you get those guys. It's like when you know Pitino said, you're not just lucky lucky. I just wanna luckiest recruits ever got his film fell in my lap full of cash. It does. Although I probably don't wanna say laps in cash with Louisville's basketball program. Yup. I did it. I went there. I went there. All right. I'm going there already. We'll talk to Todd mcshay. What would he advise Cuyler Murray to do if he thinks he's a first round draft pick or maybe a second round draft pick any loves football? Does he love football more than baseball? What would he suggest economy? We'll talk to Todd. And also how many of these quarterbacks are plug and play quarterbacks next year in the NFL. That's coming up more meet Friday songs as well..

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