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Here's Jamie, west two cases with two things in common. They're both men who've gone missing. And investigators are out of Leeds missing persons cases are extremely hard to investigate and solve sergeant Jamie Roth shop our first case involves the mysterious disappearance of a twenty three year old west Phoenix man to Rossi knee. Hold him. Belly is married and has a daughter but nobody's heard from him in quite some time. He worked as an awning manufacturer some friends dropped them off near fifty Fifth Avenue at Thomas the afternoon of August thirtieth 2017 and on September. First. That's when somebody reported him missing because they realized that him being gone that long was just not normal next. Police are trying to find Mark sheer who lived near twenty three rd avenue in union hills, family and friends can be our best source of information when it comes to recognising patterns of what may be out of the norm. And in this case, it was his. Sister that contacted the police and said that although she had spoken to him about a month ago. This is the longest stretch of time since she has heard from him or seen him since Rothschild says sheer was reported missing on October. First 2016 has a career Mark was involved with home renovations and real estate, and you look at that type of career you get to me a wide variety of people. So our hope is that someone if they saw the picture they recognize a maybe from one of the real estate transactions or maybe they can tell us where did they get less that can point us in the right direction? The links with pictures of these missing men and more details about their cases at KTAR dot com. Click menu, scroll down to blogs.

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