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Russia mean just finally then as we look ahead to these elections due in september. And i think it's fair to say that few if any russian mike is taking bets on the result but nonetheless other people in charge concerned about what these elections might portend not necessarily defeat at the polls but yeah outbursts of public anger at the way things are going the very concerned. Yes i mean. This is why they're trying to get their retaliation now. Well well ahead of the elections. They're afraid that could be mass boycotting the elections they will be stuffing the ballot boxes. They've done that all along. But even so if you get more people again on on social media trying to clamp down on social media because they know that people will be sharing things saying well no. We didn't go vote because there's no one vote for that. They are very worried about what even if they stop people from standing as candidates who they never be opposed to them the the the people and particularly the younger generation has still got method. And saying we don't like what's going on stephen. Dl thanks as always for joining us. That was the russia analyst. Stephen deal you're listening to the briefing. Here is monica's us rebelo. With the days of the headlines thanks. Andrew israeli opposition parties have agreed to form a new government. That would end. Benjamin netanyahu's twelve year stint as prime minister on their rotation arrangement right-wing politician naphtali bennett would serve as prime minister before handing over to the centrist yard lopate. Taiwan has called on china to embark upon real political reform rather than avoid facing up to nineteen eighty nine tiananmen square. Crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators. In beijing. tomorrow marks. Thirty two years since chinese troops open fire to win. Student-led led unrest in and around a square tokyo. Two thousand twenty president. Seiko hashimoto. says she is one hundred percent certain the olympics will go ahead but warned. The games must be prepared to proceed without spectators. In the event of coronavirus outbreak. There are fifty days until the delay. Tokyo games begin on the twenty third of july and portugal has announced the completion of a new undersea cable that stretches to north eastern brazil the six thousand kilometer transatlantic cable will reduce latency. Which is time it takes data to get to its destination by around fifty percent in can find out more at monaco. Dot com forward slash. Minute does today's headlines back to you. Andrew thank you. You are listening to the briefing on monocle. Twenty four with me andrew mullet now there is much that remains to be understood about the sent to the us presidency of donald trump and which may require understanding all over again. Should he seek to get his old job back in two thousand and twenty four but one of the more baffling questions of this particular. Saga is the one of the barely bridled. Enthusiasm for trump professed by america's lodge noisy and powerful block of conservative christian evangelicals. Who did not seem a natural constituency for a candidate who was among many other apparent to terrence godless. Philanderer compulsive liar and chronic. Materialist joining me now. Is sarah posner. An investigative journalist and expert on the intersection of religion and politics. Her new book is called unholy. Why white evangelicals worship at the altar of donald trump. Sarah of festival. I think we should. We should probably try to establish a baseline here. Which is did the van. Jellicoe is do you think. Regard trump with any more or less enthusiasm enthusiasm than they would have regarded any of the republican candidate. They absolutely dead White evangelicals in the united states are predominantly republican there reliably seventy five to eighty percent of them vote republican and that was true with trump where about eighty percent of them voted for him but they did so far more enthusiastically than they would have or they did For george w bush john mccain or mitt. romney. I mean. I know the question. The answer to this question has literally filled a book. A either one. You've written boot. Why there are so many obvious reasons why you would think serious churchgoing family values conservative would be absolutely repelled by donald trump. Well as it turns out what they liked about. Donald trump is. He spoke to their social and cultural grievances in a way that really appealed to them his anti-democratic small schmaltzy impulses. Were exactly what they were looking for. He came along at a moment when they thought that their political and social issues abortion. Lgbtq rights separation of church and state. They're opposed to that were they. Were fearing that. That was slipping away from them. The demographics were against them that public opinion was against them and here came. Donald trump. He spoke to all of their grievances that political correctness and social justice was overwhelming our society and seizing control of our politics and he was willing to do anything to fight back and that really appealed to them and while he his racial grievances and his nativist grievances also appealed to them. It was these things are not separate from one another. I mean it's understandable. I guess up to a point you can see how people with those concerns would swallow a lot of their other objections and just think well. He's a guy who will get things done that we want to see. Get don we don't necessarily have to lock him. And i think most of us have probably cast a vote along those lines at some point in our lives but it it strikes me from having observed the last few years and also from reading your book that it did go beyond that a lot of these people were fully aboard board members of the donald trump cult of personality. They seem to like and him. Yes absolutely i. I think a lot of people mistakenly believe that weight evanger locals were holding their nose to vote for donald trump that they viewed it as a transactional relationship or vote of expedients to get their issues on the agenda but that is not true. They viewed trump as almost a messianic figure They compared him to king cyrus in the bible they compared him to. They said that god often chooses an unlikely figure to lead a nation at a critical juncture in its history so donald trump may not be a christian like us but he's chosen by god to restore a christian america that has been lost to secularism but buddies. All quite mad isn't it. It absolutely is. But i think that you if you look at it at face value. It seems mad. But if you dig beneath the surface and realize that their agenda has been an anti-democratic project from the start on the religious right got motivated in the nineteen seventies nod about abortion but about school desegregation They've been avid fox. News watchers since the advent of fox. News they swallow all of the fox. News Anti immigrant rhetoric. So the idea that they're only concerned about Family values or abortion or lgbtq rights is mistaken..

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