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Sharp. Well you know earlier when we were trying to figure out what qualifies. We said anybody who has a losing record. Last year ca qualifies asleep or this year and throughout. What about the forty niners. Because they are forecast to win ten and a half games. You said they would still qualify. Are you still holding. The forty niners would qualify as a sleeper. Or should i go with somebody else to make a case for them. Well there's two kinds of sleepers right. The forty niners were six and ten last year and there are no hard division and we don't know how much their rookie quarterback's going to play. I think they qualify as asleep. I mean true sleepers. If you told me like i think the lions are going to win. The nfc nores. I don't feel like we have any teen. That's like the quote unquote true sleeper. Unless we're gonna look at denver. And atlanta i was ending to that qualify for like realistically teams that could jump and compete in a real way and potentially go tendons tannin seven eleven six a couple quick nuggets on denver. And then i'll breakdown the forty niners but denver absolutely was my number two. If you said. I can't choose the forty niners but teddy bridgewater. Last year was in carolina. They played the number one. Most difficult schedule of opposing. Pass defenses this year. He's a starter for the denver broncos. They play the number one easiest schedule of opposing pass. Defense is based on my projections from number one. Most difficult to number one easiest. The only thing that gives me consternation about the denver broncos is fucking pat shurmur who i think is adult of an offensive coordinator. I think he calls far. Too many runs on first down. That's why the average eight point two yards to go on second down the worst in the nfl. No other team was worse than seven point. Nine denver had the number three highest run rate on these second and long situations behind only the baltimore ravens and the new england patriots. Two teams that had running quarterbacks and tried to limit the amount of passing that their quarterbacks redoing the broncos did not have a running quarterback they did not have a good run game they average the longest yards to go on third down because second downplays were so terrible. This offense coordinator is a disaster. I didn't like him in new york. I don't like him in denver. I also have concerns about their head coach vic fangio in terms of being too conservative. But if you're telling me what do i think about the broncos upside. They've got an incredibly good defense. They've got a very good. Looks like the rookie cornerback. Looks like a stud by all accounts. Every bad guy fucking capital as stood and the thing is like. I know that some people were like well. If you were going to go and start teddy bridgewater widens. You just draft justin fields and i hear you on that but i also know this that denver is basically playing right now to keep vic. Fangio's job and goal is to get aaron rodgers next season. So what good is having justin fields in the draft this year when you draft the number one corner get aaron rodgers away from tom. Brady over to the afc. I know patrick mahomes. They're not anything easier longer difficulty. But i think daddy's in upside the denver's going to look after this year but if denver win this year vic is gone doesn't matter just love certain and just felt like. Wow we we have a chance to get like a jalen ramsey type. Cornerback in the spot. And we'll worry about aaron rodgers year. Now we hire. They knew that people like bridgewater. Whoever were going to be available as stopgaps stabs don't like drew lock. And then that. Set that akaba with bathhouse. I also don't like drew lock so that was there. I wondered sharpie as you were going through. Some of those numbers how much you would attribute their inefficiency and their disinclination to throw the ball on first down to drew lock like they. They know they made a mistake with locked they were disinclined to compound that mistake by putting the ball in his hands and entrusting him That's just you know. I get that i get that perspective but the reality is lock is gonna look worse. When he's on third and long then he would be on first and ten from a passing perspective. Defenses are pinning their ears back on third down. That is why. I don't care who. The quarterback is pass the ball on first down not third and long. And if you run the ball and run. Offense sucks which there's did last year. You're only setting yourself up and delaying the inevitable. We've seen teams really improve their offense of efficiency with the same exact quarterback by shifting to a heavier pass rate on early downs as exactly what denver needed to do. This is a flaw with shurmur. It's it's it's a. It's a feature not a bug. This is what this guy does. And i just hope that teddy's going to be able to maybe showcase himself a little bit better and they will ease away from that a little bit. Perhaps the inefficiency brought last year will make them change their mind. I liked judy. Judea have asterisk all over. The place says like making a making a leap guy. K j hamblur. Who i thought was good near the end of the season He's he's kind of one of those like borderline electric. Those receivers those guys as little shifty guys that i always wish the patriots would have a. I'm not positive. I love the running backs but i. Here's what i do. Love guys their first three games and when you talk about sleepers the schedule always has to play a big part of a ray in. This is something when i used to ride my comps and espn is used to look for..

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