Aubrey Marcus on Owning Your Day, Owning Your Life


Doing creative work can be kind of lonely. And that's why we built the unmistakable listener tribe. The tribe is community for professionals to connect and support each other. Everything is designed to help you. Grow your business and share. What's working and what isn't and that's true whether you're a business owner or an artist could access to feedback live conversations with guests and so much more by joining the tribe you become part of a community of creators who all support each other and completely free hopefully see their visit. A mystic will creative dot com slash tribe to join again. That's a single creative dot com slash tribe. Be welcome to the mystical critic. Thanks so much for taking the time to join us. Yeah happy to be here so it is really great to have you here. I was actually introduced to you by way of your book marketing team. Who sent me a copy of your new book. Own your day on your life which It was mind blowing and filled with all sorts of insight which we will get into integrate bit of detail. But before we get there. I want to start asking you. What did your parents do for a living. And what impact did what they did for a living. End up having on the choices that you've made with your life. Yeah it's an interesting question. Because i had no my parents split when i was two years old so i ended up having four parents and all of them brought a great diversity of career but the one common factor was that they were all great at what they did so. My mother was a professional tennis player and got as high as number. Six in the world to billie jean king in the semifinals. A women so she was an athlete and that was her career path for she met. My father and my father was a commodity trader. In one of the pioneers in futures trading commodities in the us and written about in a book called market wizard excellent in his craft there and then my stepfather was a swat team squad leader and former collegiate wrestler and my stepmother was the nutraceutical doctor for all of pat. Riley's teams so the lakers in eighties. Nixon the nineties heat in the two thousands in a bunch of other kind of peak performers.

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