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This show. I a friend to join me. And we chat about the big things with my the little things in life and everything in between. hey all. this is ellie holcomb. And you're listening to the happy hour with jamie ivy episode. Four zero eight. This is flashback friday. Can we get this girl at radio show. It was like like this is delilah. You're listening to songs. With ellie ellie holcomb. We're flashing back this friday and we're playing episode that you were on forever. I go. I feel like i mean october. Two thousand seventeen. Which doesn't that feel like forever ago. We're being honest. Feels like ages ago in the before four times that is true. bc bedding well. I remember i told you this recently. I remember when we recorded that episode. We were in a hotel room and we were at i. Think we're at the gaylord. In nashville yes opulent and you came to my hotel room and we sat down in those pictures. We recorded the conversation. And i remember thinking at the time. This is one of the most vulnerable conversations. I've had in a long time. And i left changed in different and i know our audience felt that as well and you really opened up up about a marriage and conflict and depression and mental health and was beautiful. And so i would love to hear from you like two thousand. Seventeen ellie holcomb to two thousand. Twenty one ellie holcomb speaking of those type of things that we talked about. What does that look like for you now. Yeah well just so you know. I people tell me all the time that they have listened to this conversation and they're like thank you so people have heard it and then they've gone to counseling which is amazing because we talked about counting a love. It much. i'm about to get on counselor actually deprez. Some of what is happening because it has been. I think everybody is like whoa was last year. It was a lot. And so i was. I re listened to it actually anticipating this and it was so sweet so sweet to listen back to what god was doing and then to see and to know that currently is still moving like we're moving debrecen and higher up and that is what it feels like. I was just i and this episode. That you're about to hear about going to counseling for the first time and that has just been a on on and off journey me throughout my years of married drew. We're about the hit. Fifteen years of being married. we now have. Another kid is a joy tornado. My little girl reminded me. He used to love the common the toilet. I've so many pictures of like did there's nothing else in that particular pigs rain boots on and there was other things in the toilet. Lisa is galoshes so busy and we're still busy and you know ended up halfway home schooling last year and having all those shows anyway. It was alive. But i went. I've been on a counseling journey. That was just. I realized when my little girl glue went to kindergarten. I add some stuff from my past. That i just realized i had dealt with in counseling. I had never grieved it jamie. And i think what i learnt personally and this was before kobe Kind of started year. When i was pregnant with my little boy rivers was born the same year. That my little girl went to kindergarten right around the same time. September and i just realized basically if you do not let yourself or at least this is my story. If you don't let yourself grieve it ends up coming out sideways. And that's it started up. And so i went back to counseling pregnant as all. Get out just really let myself go back and grieve some things and it has been the most beautiful thing i've learned to that we've talked about this before seven on the hate pain. I'm like i am dealt with this in counseling already. This should be done. And i just needed to grieve and as i grieved and really just sometimes let myself visit some of the places in own story all it could do breathe or weeps and times but men did i ever encounter the tenderness and the presence and the kindness and the embassy of god displacing so grateful and i think even you as an integral seven like you would kind of feel like you can run from pain but that grieving is so important for us. Most of us would say we don't wanna do that because it's hard it's hard work and so we feel like if we just don't walk through it we'll be fine. We'll be fine. But i love what you said. It's gonna come out like it's gonna come out some ways and i think a lot of people are feeling that even from what we walked through as a community as a world for the last year is what i found in my own life. Is that things that i hadn't worked out. They started coming out because the cove it you know. It's like it was a pressure and then all of a sudden oh wait. I didn't know i struggled with this. And here it is. it's flamed. it's like going crazy and so. I think a lot of people will vote to what you're saying even just because of the past year. That was the craziest thing jamie as i think. Because i learned. I've been practicing this like personal just leaving. I'm not good at grieving. And i think sometimes in the church were not very good at lament even though it's all over scripture david i love the songs for so many reasons end every single song surpri lord. He does that a lot but there are times. It's like everything is where fire at you. Answer be and so. I think because done that personally this last year. I mean unless you was insane. For everybody. We in nashville. Twenty twenty for us started a week before s- kovin happened f. Four tornado tore through our nashville neighborhood.

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