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I would you know compare as as being uh wrapped into you know being sold the dream but you you know what i mean just to stick up for musician vic why are you putting it in the past ten zero ian rush aren't you still a musician yes i am i am but i think i don't think i needed to pay you know was a two hundred thousand or something like that to to be who i am you know right physically i could have taken some glasses or or gone to schools that i even looked at that were like you know a quarter of the price of of the school um um but but that's yeah i had but i am i am sla musician on and i that's part of who i am i guess if you make this sound beds for your videos no not um i i did for a couple of years ago but but just i've i have this cool um like uh sound a sound bank that the super likes provides me gotcha has that has like tons of stock music and then i use a lot of injured stock music that's that's in there because it all has to be legal stuff you know it's it's us through that uh through that website than i use but yeah and i i mowed my manipulate a lot of it to deal the the thing you're talking about it's not just music i mean it's college college to right is it right right i should have been an all on them well no i mean it it it the it could their hook collegiate system.

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