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Even even in big games, I mean, Ricardo Pepe starting that Honduras game changed qualifying for the U.S. and you could argue that scally is just as just as accomplished now at club level as peppy was three months ago or two months ago. So I actually have scallion in my starting 11. He's the only newcomer. He's the only new face. Everybody else that I have. It is like old standbys. Look, Reggie canon has only gotten just gotten back into the lineup for Bo vista and the other option is Deandre Adlon. And while Deandre yedlin played against Mexico in the nation's League final and he matches up one V one defensively very well, Deandre yedlin also has moments where he chases butterflies off the ball defensively. And burr halter has generally not treated him like a first choice player. So I think Bernhard is going to throw caution to the wind here and drop Joe scally in there. It's been his MO throughout qualifying. I mean, there's four different three days from four different teenagers have started in qualifying already. Scallion has been as good as any of them at the club level over the past three months. So why not put him in here too? That would make the Twitter space is awfully fun and interesting note for this match. All eyes on Joe scally against what the Mexican front three and whoever it is, they sometimes they swap them, but would probably take a Tito? Yeah. On the right, it probably probably be Los. It'll be tricky. And take a Tito on the right, I think. That would be a big test to start off your U.S. national team career for Joe scally. How about peppy the starter? Charlie, how many goals does he get in this window? But more importantly, how well does he perform? Is it up to snuff? Does it meet what he's done so far? You know, I think that he's done a tremendous job coming into the U.S. men's national team at such a young age with all the expectations going to be a butt right now. There's no but I think he just has to continue to improve. And whether that is being the striker who scores goals in those moments that the team provides him an opportunity or being the conduit into the attacking and attacking third and playing off playing off of Christian pools they can allowing him creating the space for him or playing balls in for brand arrangement or being that striker who's gonna create space and occupying two center backs. Finding that balance is so important. And knowing that against Mexico, maybe you only get one chance and you have to finish it. Or you're playing against Canada and you get that one chance, you gotta finish it. So just being clinical when he does get the chance, but I think for him he's done a tremendous job and there's no one else. We are relying on Ricardo Pepe right now to be that guy. He knows that now. So embracing the role and I think he's done that, but just staying hungry. And yeah, I think he's, I think he'll put in a position to succeed right now. All right, prediction time. Make them. Tell me. Winter loss or draw. We've got Cesar Sandra. He's got one one. Anybody gonna.

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