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And play with the band at least one last time it's an interesting interview and it's funny dentist young as a pretty great sense of humor here i do not know him all that well maybe madame wants may be interviewed him one other time before but it was quite an enjoyable interview and you can take away from it what you will i will play it for you and you will hear it in a minute first of two interviews this week we're stack this week second interviews with robin zander of cheap trick cheap trick every least new single robin zander at the time that we did this interview was performing in a show on broadway that decide are also did called rock topa so we talk a little bit about that which is now since happened and also a little bit about cheap trick with a guy who is literally ageless both in his look and his ability to sing and that is robin zander in the second part of a big double dip interview on this week's eddie trunk podcast i dennis deyoung brand new inter view talking about his love of and desire to possibly rejoin sticks although i don't think the other side feels that way and also robin zander who has been an enduring fixture in cheap trick since day one and some fun with robin in the second part of our two part eddie trunk podcast this week remember we're getting close now you guys i have a brand new tv show it debuts july first on access tv it is called trunk fest me covering music festivals around the country the first episode is from sturgis eighties july first the big premiere and it airs each and every sunday night nine thirty eight thirty central on access tv spread the word check it out i think you're gonna love it trunk fest on access tv premiering july first nine thirty pm eastern time everything going on with me all my appearances everything.

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