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Podcasts dot com America is listening to fox news listen print court delivering a big victory for the L. G. B. T. Q. community on Monday the Supreme Court ruling in a six to three vote that a key provision of the landmark Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty four known as title seven the bar's job discrimination because of race color national origin and religion also protects gay lesbian and transgender people the president reacting in the cabinet room well they've ruled I've read the decision and some people were surprised but they ruled and we live with that decision that's what it's all about we live with the decision of the Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito in a dissent joined by justices Thomas and capital writing there is only one word from what the court has done today legislation in Washington John decker fox news viewers food and drug administration has for the first time approved a video game for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children about as governor Steve Sisolak says current limits on businesses and gatherings will remain in place while health officials evaluate whether the state's uptick in corona virus cases is cause for concern a group of tourists sent home from Hawaii for violating quarantine orders aloha means goodbye and good riddance for a group of tourists arrested on suspicion of violating Hawaii's corona virus quarantine cantor Carter says she and twenty fellow travelers from the group carbonation have agreed to a packed up after residents harassed them at their vacation house and sent death threats online Carter says the group didn't realize the fourteen day quarantine for all people arriving in the state would be strictly enforced and they let the excitement of being in Hawaii cloud their judgement by stopping at a beach park instead of going straight to their rental home Carter describes the group as misunderstood but they got the message loud and clear don't let the ocean hit you on the way out Steve Rappaport fox news Jack Callahan this is fox news W. C. B. M. Baltimore increasing rain chances for mid and late week here with rain thunderstorms in the forecast Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday here a kind of a wet.

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