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Wait a minute. He got the fucking tight. Thanos sue on jam in the tanno. You defenders doing all see from bishop joe. This is game better better dog. It's fun man. Listen go all out if you can make your experiences grants you want because these memories are golden bro. That stove going into like that now. I'm like ben. I wonder where The bro was gonna come in algebra lambert out here beating tie-up old school style sledgehammers like chopping wood is going on a tie with the sledgehammers like chopping wood taking it back to the old days ben lapping also in a fight. This is a new border wars fighter. He's been signed up. This is one a. adrian's fight as he's ready to rock and roll. He's got his fight. You know lineup. Him and his opponent both paid. They get zero promotion because they don't really post and here they are one posted. So this is ben lapin. He seeing the hammer. Now you'll get this or good column. Hamilton's adrian memo hauge long as that's adrian. Let's adrian during the pad. Were with my man. Ben lapping Lab lobbing i don't know he's left hook remember. I told you that. Ben lapping is taken on. Oh and he does death com which means he does jujitsu way is that is that one of the sense as in you know but you know. He keeps his hands up. He disciplined technique in the world but at least he got the basics. Which is you know. Bring your hand back now. He's moving the way he did. That shot was no no. But i you know he's not definitely not smooth. He's a little squared but he he's. He's he's a good mover injury and ashore so he's short his to right adrian life five. Nah yeah they're almost about the same stone uppercuts he only thing. I'm not like it really. Is he sees a little little square. But it looks like the guys kinda you know buffer whatever. It looks like he works out weights. I dunno shoulders round Got the one two down the pipe. Okay body shot. Not bad. And i'm looking at the fi positioning and He's pretty well balanced. You know even when he moves laterally and pivots. He keeps that base. Yeah what's his name again. Lapel that lapin lapin. We're gonna move on. I don't know the name of his opponent so info joe hit up adrian. I'll get it for you again. This is ask again. That's when he was looking for some smoke but he found this. Sean jones the heavyweight staying active on the board awards chat and just showing you. This is what i'm saying. It's hard you know. Smoke amount has to demonstrate a lot of natural ability. Because sean is actually working. I mean what are these. Eighty seventy s even if the sixty fives. You know he's finding the tyler's and i love to train when i'm training and it's hard to go to a weightlifting. Jim in a boxing gym. You know i don't do that. I don't get to go to weightlifting jim as well. Would i love you know. that's why i love jersey because we used to pick a day just do weights imagine because they got everything but like what. I love to do at least tuesdays and thursdays at a weightlifting jim and get some some fucking weights in and and and strengthen up year. This man is doing that. He's got so much of jeeze. I mean sixty sixty five eighty something. They're not letting things big not little and listen. He's working not only on his skill but again on on strength. We don't know what smoking is doing. Other than the clip that we see any squad and so this is the generate power you know. He squatted video on the side. Right this is. This is what we're talking about putting all the elements together in order to have success in the way. You gotta do your weight. She got day. What you do your strengthen this advantage on on all the heavyweights right now. Even me like you know. Even me if i was to make a comeback. He's a dangerous fights to come back to. He's disciplined fighters young a young guy who is obviously strong physically naturally strong because we heard charge in in his fight. Say that he was surprised. How strong sean was you know on the inside. Charge the dad when a phone in dallas. so you know again. He's working on the craff. You know mentally you know how strong he is because he showed up to watertown expecting to fight smoke them out finds out twenty four hours before the way in that he's not fighting smoke amount signs up to fight bradley. The gladiator bradley does the way in faces. Off with sean decides. I'm not coming back. And sean then signs up to fight a third guy that he heard of an actually full that shows me tremendous heart and the discipline is there. Because he's working not only look. This is him going to the gym. This is not his house but he's got a home gym. He's submitted footage in a beautiful home gym. So it shows you the discipline that he's not just a dude doing videos in his house to look like he's getting the job done he's actually working. But that sean. Joe missing impossible here. We have our super middleweight division. We have no champion in the super. Middleweight division Right now coach myers. Excuse me coach. Midi is three you know. And quarantine isn't allowed to get to the us right now. Corey frank who's eligible. Where am i jordan. Baker who's eligible is facing showcasing robert. The genius eligible is fighting at cruise away for a title alexander general's not eligible and not available. This boorda wars neither is for surefire. Fire he's not available on both for boorda wars and or nor eligible neither is rowen. Neither is vega neither possess the bond and calendar. Destroy probably will be dropped from the rankings as he hasn't fought since maybe board was six. Yo whatever happened to colin. I speak to him the other day. He said he was willing to fight. But that didn't work out. So i don't know here's eljay the don walker once again do me on you. Got this. Got his mouthpiece. I'll i'll know that he ready for the doomsday. If you listen to nestles game plan because do me knows. He got no tanks so he wants to knock you out the first round and then you know then. He's looking like blue face literally battle forever. Be your go-to for blue face. He's taking you. Lj's fishing to see who's going to step up to the plate to fight him..

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